Исследование Лесни Вила – миссия Fishing planet

Hello dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the Live Fishing Channel. In the past, the video completed the mission
Lone Star study. In this video, we will carry out the mission
Lesna Vila study. In order to fulfill the mission
Lesna Vila study. We need to go to the Lesna Vila pond, open tab – types of fish, catch river perch, booster, goldfish and roach. For this we get 1 bitcoin, 1000
silver and carp hook. Click on the button to track the mission. Go to the world map. Find our pond Lesnya Vila,
which is located in Europe. Choosing a pond and buy an extended license. Having bought a license, go back to the world map and go fishing. I hope you remember to take with you,
the easiest feeder? Arriving on the reservoir, the first thing
open the tab species of fish. Let’s see what
best caught, river perch. One of the best baits
is a manure worm. I suggest to him and catch. We leave to the reservoir. Have them pecked, here, in the left side
and here here, in the right side in water lilies. We are closer to the left edge. Let’s go for a walk there. Now we will make a lower descent in the area of ​​a meter. Throw here to these water lilies. Here 100% should perch perch. And here is our perch. Disable mission tracking,
should be included. So, we have to catch 3 fish –
gustera, silver carp and roach. Here here is near, on the feeder,
we were catching goldfish. Let’s go over here,
in order to catch the crucian. We put a pod. Take our feeder, and throw here on Karasik. Maybe we knead some bait? Type for example an asset feeder. So here is our crucian. Now we need to catch a grouser and a roach. Gustera and roach here we bite in the center. We will go catch them there. And to the grouser and the roach, we will catch
in the center of the reservoir, here on this label. Now we need to choose this nozzle,
on which will bite and a gustera and roach. Take the first feeder, remove the clip. Throw on the marker. As in any European body of water, throwing directly at a specific point is not necessary. The fish is spread here all over the reservoir. There are no clear fish habitats,
as in the American waters. You can throw closer, further,
Levey, to the right, does not matter. The second feeder also wear barley. If all the same, someone needs, here did
freeze frame with marker coordinates. Leave it there next. There is a roach. It remains to catch a guster. But she did not peck … On the barley pecked carp. On bread pecked
silver crucians and roachs. I tried to catch on the moth,
but caught the tench. She didn’t peck on the decoy
pecked young sazanchiki. Well, finally, otherwise I’m already tired. Gustera pecked at the maggots. Mission Complete. I thought that after researching Lesna Vila 1,
will be the study of Lesnia Vila 2 The same as we had on Lone Star But it turns out not.
The developers have not yet seen it. Will wait. In the next video, we will carry out the mission
The study is a small Madwater fish. At this end. Good luck to all! Until!


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