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Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In the last video, we are with you
completed the mission of fishing Madwater In this video, we will carry out the mission of the study of Rocky To complete the mission, we need:
set off on rocky lake catch the golden shiner, sunflower
black crappie, white bass and white chukuchan. For this we get:
1 bitcoin, 1300 silver and beardless hook 1/0 Click the button to track the mission. Blow to the map of the world. We see that the Rocky Lake is highlighted here. We buy an extended license for a day We have all the simple fish
therefore, we won’t be particularly smart. We take a float rod, all kinds of small nozzles, different bait that you have. And hit the road. Trout lives on Lake Rocky. In order for us to recapture the cost of the trip I took with me an ultralight spinning and ordinary spinning. Both with a workload of up to 4.5 kg We take lures with you. Must have medium spinners and narrow 7 gram and 14 gram spinners. You can also take with you:
conventional and ultralight turntables. We arrived at the pond.
Today we have such weather Partly cloudy,
the best bite peak will be in the evening. Go fishing and rewind immediately until 17:00 We put the stand. We put a small hook. I myself have a small second number here. Sports float But here we need a fishing line transparent. Because the pond is transparent. We put the flycarbox. and here we decided to put semolina. Done. We need to equip the second rods
for catching, say, white bass. He will peck at earthworms and bait fish. So here we need to put flucarbon. What a thin float little hook and plant earthworms on white bass We will also catch from the bottom And I have one more fishing rod On it we will try to catch black crappie Let’s live bait. We put the third fishing rod on live bait. Because we have a white bass
also can peck on live bait. Let’s get the third fishing rod. She is of course very healthy, up to 8kg
but I have no other. Hook put 1 number. We plant live bait take a float later We will use flucarbon too. What do we have here? – up to 8
Well, then we put 6.8 Here is the first – caught a white bass on live bait Following the black crappie pecked at the semolina.
I didn’t expect it after him, the blue-billed sunflower caught on the semolina White Chukuchans refused to peck on semolina
I caught him on a pea Last golden shiner
I caught maggots In less than an hour of playing time Rocky research mission – was completed You can stay farming on Rocky Lake
to recapture the cost of the trip and you can go to perform the following missions Subscribe to the channel friend! Go!


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