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Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In the last video, we performed
mission – small fish Madwater In this video we will fulfill the mission
Hunting Madwater To do this, we need to catch all the predators,
heading to the Madwater River. Catch the big-mouthed bass catch the striped pike catch the grass pike silt fish and freshwater croaker. For this we will get – 1 becoin, 1300 silver
and oscillating bait 7 grams, with 1/0 hook Click on the button to track the mission. To complete this mission
I took wobbling baubles with me. Better take a swinging lure
9 grams, 3 centimeters long, which any small predators will peck at
and even freshwater croaker. And for catching silt fish
Use any fishing rod or match, and small pieces of fish. Also do not forget to buy –
extended license for a day. And hit the road. We arrived at the pond. Today is clear weather. All predators creep out hunting in the late afternoon. We will catch them at the location “Catfish Paradise” Grass pike and striped pike
live on the left, near the reeds. We put the stand. We get the usual float rod We put into casting mode from behind and throw it on live bait, to these bushes. Second float rod
equip with a small hook. We hang shrimp on it. On this rod, we will catch
freshwater croaker. And on ordinary spinning with a little lure let’s try this grass catch the big-eared bass The first one is ready! But it looks like a croaker pecked. If you don’t have shrimp,
you haven’t reached them yet You can use ordinary live bait. Now you need to rearrange the stand closer to the center We will catch silky fish for one fishing rod I have a assembled match rod
on which the hook stands 1/0 and I planted small pieces of fish. Depth 100.
We will catch silt fish near this grass. And a fishing rod with bait fish,
throw left again to the reeds hoping to catch some pike. Spinning, with our shallow lure,
throw it there. Silt fish is a twilight-night predator,
went hunting after 8. Done. Now we have to catch
only two species of pike. Here they refuse to peck on the grass therefore, we collect manat. To the left, I know there is another place
where grassy and striped pikes also live. Let’s go there. What is this … for on …? Let’s get it down! Get out! Get out of here!
Until they ate us! Kick! There’s a zombie walking on the river!
Is there something lost after Halloween? Let’s catch pike then
here – on a pike scythe. We get the first – float, on live bait,
we drop it from the bottom – into these driftwood. And at the same time, we’ll be right there
catch on spinning. Oops! Pike grass caught!
It remains only to catch the striped pike. After a couple of minutes … To the float … … pecks what we need. Mission accomplished! Like, write comments, subscribe to the channel! Good luck to all! Till!

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