Fiery Red Dragon of Old
The orbital path of Planet-7X Defining the orbit of Planet-7X The data provides three fixed points of reference An angle greater than 0.0195 degrees off Earth’s planetary plane, and a double meteor shower could not occur! For a double meteor storm event, at 150 days apart, Planet-7X has to be on Earth’s planetary plane! Planet-7X crosses Earth’s orbital path January 10, 2016 (estimate). Planet-7X travel time in Earth inner solar system is 76 days. A partial solar eclipse will occurs at this point by Planet-7X Planet-7X crosses Earth’s orbital path a second time 1st. month of the Hebrew calendar
Near Passover (March 26, 2016) 1st meteor storm!
(Revelation Seal #6) The scriptures state’s
“Within one hour your doom has come!” This information tells us the length of the meteor storm and the approximate size of Planet-7X path. At this point in time the Earth’s rotation has slowed down by twelve hours. In Jerusalem there will be twelve extra hours of darkness, in North & South there will be twelve extra hours of daylight. Also at this exact time we will see in the night sky from Jerusalem, show to us by astronomy software, an arrangement of celestial bodies that match the description of Revelation 12:1 Note: The word “Sun” in Revelation 12:1 does not bare out in the scripture & Chinese data. The word in Hebrew probably meant “illuminated heavenly body”. Also the word “fiery” can also mean brilliant or illuminated. This is the same problem we see in other ancient text as in Babylonian and Sumerians where date is lacking and the interpreter incorrectly implies the word “Sun” into the text. If this word meant Sun then we would not be able to see the stars as described. This would also take us out of the past established pattern of Passover month and place us in the daytime sky of September. It would only be viewed by people with software, or people that follow the occult Zodiac, that uses the daytime sky. The data is pointing to a planet size object with an approximate size of seven Earth’s diameters. September daytime sighting is using Zodiac (in error)
March nighttime sighting is Scriptural (the correct way) The Appointed Time – March 26, 2016
Jerusalem, Israel 150 days between event! 2nd. meteor storm (Revelation Seal #7) “Wormwood” a large meteor, the size of a mountain hits an ocean, the Pacific Ocean! Ten points to remember about N.E.O. Planet-7X Why the name change Planet-X to Planet-7X? To separate information in a conversation from what data source you are using. There’s a great deal of information on Planet-X that does not fit the data provided by the ancient Chinese writings and Scripture. 1. No year is conclusive on it’s arrival, there are only estimates. Except for NASA, and a few large observatories and they are silent on this matter. 2. We have a range of years as possibilities for it’s arrival 2013-21, and the year before it’s arrival they will notice a new object in the sky for all the general public to view. 3. The year between 2013-2017 are strongly favored from the implied biblical text. The date March 26, 2016 stands in the text as an alignment of the constellation Virgo, Jupiter and Planet-7X. Only time will tell if this estimate is favored. 4. There is clear historical data of this N.E.O. (Near Earth Object) Planet-7X. * Planet-7X enters Earth’s orbital path in mid-August to mid September. * Planet-7X exits Earth’s orbital path in mid-March to mid-April. * Planet-7X will have a separation of 150-152 days apart from entry to exit along Earth’s path. * Planet-7X debris field that Earth travels through, is seven times the diameter of Earth. 5. There is clear historical data of a geographical pole shift of 26-28 degrees and drastic seasonal changes. 6. New findings from astrophysics indicating gravity from a new planetary body. 7. There are strong indicators of past global catastrophes, (drought, floods, extreme weather, earthquakes, etc.). 8. There are strong indicators of large meteor impacts in Earth’s past. 9. The Bible is an integrated message, pointing to an end time event that precisely matches a N.E.O. such as Planet-7X. – It informs us to look in the sky for signs!
– No definite year is given, nor a point to count from. – All I can see is that we will see it prior to the 3 1/2 years of
“the great tribulation”. – The Bible indicates what to look for prior to it’s arrival, strange weather, earthquakes, tidal waves, escalation on political uprising, rumors of wars, global economic distress, heightened threats to Israel, the topic of Israel will be a heavy burden to all nations, etc. and this is abundantly prevalent in today’s news! 10. According to the Chinese records, the astronomers who knew the stars well, were able to notice a new star nearly a year ahead of it’s arrival with their un-aided eye. Their sky has minimal light pollution, unlike most of our skies today. This object is not a “Sun” of any type, according to the information and models, the N.E.O. is approximately 6.5 – 7.5 times the diameter of Earth. This N.E.O. does not fit known categories! It does not fully meet the category of a planet, as redefined by International Astronomy Union (IAU) June 11, 2008 for its path can not cross other planets, as it does with Earth. It has an elliptical orbit like a comet, but it’s larger; so it doesn’t fit the typical comet model. So the planet/comet N.E.O. will be a new category, as well as being called a potential planet killer. It is for this reason it gives them plausible deniability and political correctness when denying the existence of this yet undefined object (Planet-7X). Note: I do not base my research on the Babylonian & Sumerian writings, but I am not surprised about the equivocation of 3,600 year and 360 year periods… Since we inherited the hexadecimal number system from the Babylonians & Sumerian, we have to keep in mind that they used the same symbol for 36, 360 and 3,600 etc.. The Babylonian & Sumerian usually represented zero with nothing at the end of a number would have had to be implied, therefore, today they are randomly implied by the interpreter. The early clay tablets claim that their leaders came from this Planet-X. My research points to their leaders being kicked out of heaven (fallen angels) not from a planet. Could they have been lying on where they came from… you bet! So… either the Bible is misrepresenting the truth or the writers of the clay tablets are,… So, you decide which is truthful and what evidence you plan to follow!… Planet-X or Planet-7X. Now the ten false claims I recognize in Planet-X (aka Nibiru)! 1. Planet-X has a 3,600 year orbit! (Misinterpreted text – “0” were implied) 2. Identified as a “Sun” (Misinterpreted text – an illuminated heavenly body) 3. The size varies from Jupiter’s size to a small Sun. 4. Having orbital bodies like Moons! (Misinterpreted text – probably asteroids.) 5. Alien life on this Planet-X! (fallen angels) 6. That Planet-X’s aliens needed gold to repair their atmosphere. 7. That they created humans as a slave race to mine gold and to serve them. 8. That Planet-X is so dark that only an infrared telescope or satellite can see it. (false, the Chinese saw it up to a year ahead, and infrared telescopes are used to look for deep space objects, beyond optical telescopes capability.) 9. Planet-X is coming from the direction of the South Pole region of space. (False, the data does not support that region of space!) 10. Planet-X is coming from the direction of the Orion region of space. (False, the data does not support that region of space!) Gill Broussard Independent Researcher Music
“Isfahan” by E.S. Posthumus

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