10 Crazy Planets In Space

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welcome to TTI today we’re going to hunt some of the strangest planets which
actually exist in the universe so sit back relax and let’s explore the
universe number 10 CF b d SI r2 149 zero four
zero three this peculiar cosmic body more casually known as CF 21 is a
starless planet or sunless planet the CF 21 is 2 to 3 billion years old and 130
light-years away from Earth this planet was discovered in 2012 it’s believed
that this planet somehow gravitationally was thrown away from its native system
by other planets or by some passing a star additionally this planet has a high
content of heavy elements and it’s even brighter which means it’s more massive
its mass is 5 to 9 times the mass of Jupiter
moreover CF 21 emits infrared meaning it directly radiates heat into space and
it’ll probably glow until it cools and this cooling can last for millions of
years it has an average planetary surface temperature of 400 degrees due
to the presence of undemanding thermonuclear reactions and this planet
probably has methane and water to HD 189 733 B this planet is also known as deep
blue because it possesses the same color similar to earth but you can’t really
live on this planet sometimes looks can be extremely deceiving actually this
planet is terrible because you have to face unstoppable rains of shards of
glass if you decided to live there well this planet’s blue color comes from
silicate particles which are suspended in the planet’s atmosphere but how can
it actually happen hmm this planet travels from the day side
towards the night side at a speed of 8700 kilometres an hour
Pat’s seriously fast even seven times the speed of sound mainly the planets
high-speed rotation generates a hell of a hurling hot wind which travels at a
speed of two kilometers per second I think only Goku and Frieza can survive
in this deadly weather while humans animals and plants would not be able to
recover from injuries after getting stabbed by shards of glass which are
continuously coming straight upon them I’m glad this planet is 63 light-years
away from us number eight trust to be you probably denied the existence of
vampires and zombies but the planet trust to be is the home planet for them
because it’s the darkest planet ever discovered in the observable universe
trust to be reflects only 1% of its star light and appears as a black hole
whereas other planets reflect a bit of light from its host star it’s so small
that the atmosphere of GREs to be reflects less light compared to coal and
black acrylic paint scientists have formulated some
hypothesis to explain this mysteriously dark planet they believe that there may
be high concentrations of gaseous sodium and titanium oxide in the atmosphere
which can absorb light and probably ammonia clouds are absent to which it
generally reflects sunlight this vampires planet is 750 light-years away
from us and also known as Kepler to be the genesis planet the Genesis planet is
mind-blowing simply because of how old it is it’s also known as Methuselah the
oldest person mentioned in the Bible who lived in 969 years but this planet is a
staggering 12 point 7 billion years old after the Big Bang
it’s way older than most known planets and three times as old as Earth itself
it’s also known by its strange name PSR b16 2026 B moreover the Genesis planet
is the first planet to be discovered orbiting a star in an unfriendly global
cluster of 100,000 stars and surprisingly this planet orbits not one
but two stars one of these stars is a highly magnetized pulsar neutron which
revolves 100 times a second in addition it is 2.5 times the mass of Jupiter
orbits at a distance of 3.4 billion kilometers every 100 years
number six HD one eight eight seven five three this planet known as HD one eight
eight seven five three is perhaps the strangest and most beautiful star system
in the known universe this system is located 151 light-years
away has three stars and means that if you would stand on its surface or if you
could live on this planet you definitely experience triple shadows
and constant amazing eclipses as its three parent stars cross each other’s
paths frequently and of course you would see some of the strangest and most
beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the universe I definitely love to look at
those wonders of the universe number five
wasp 17b wasp 17b belongs to a scientific category called puffy planets
due to being 1.9 times the size of Jupiter which is the largest planet in
our solar system but at the same time it has only half of its mass and that would
make it similar in density – polystyrene shockingly this planet orbits around its
host Sun in the retrograde motion in simple words it orbits in opposite
directions or more specifically counters to the rotation of its star this strange
activity happens because this planet is just seven million kilometres away from
its Sun which causes the intense gravitational pull that’s how the planet
orbits in the reverse direction but scientists claim that this planet after
a few millions of years from now will have its orbit reversed allowing it to
orbit around its Sun in the proper direction once again in the future such
a nice planet but it really disrupts our current understanding of how planets
behave number 4 GJ 121 for B this planet was first discovered in 2009 and it has
an interesting make up due to being covered entirely by water or its core is
made up of ice in every direction you turn it’s just endless water GJ 121 for
B consists of a thick steamy atmosphere that’s why scientists named it the
steamy Waterworld moreover the planet is primarily
composed of one big ocean without any land making it an inhabitable planet for
human beings however ocean on this planet is not like
the ocean on earth the high temperatures and high pressures would form exotic
materials like hot ice or superfluid water or ice seven substances that are
completely alien to our everyday experience and it’s not the same ice you
would put in your this ice has some strange and unfamiliar
properties so according to scientists this planet will not support biological
life the planet is 47 light-years away from us at the same time its surface
temperature is 200 degrees because it’s just 2 million kilometers away from its
Sun number 3 j1 4:07 B if you think Saturn’s rings are magnificent then
you’ll appreciate this planet for its beauty j1 4:07 B possesses so many rings
are roughly 200 times larger than the rings of our Saturn and has a radius of
approximately 55 million miles and is also known as the super Saturn the
planet is located 430 light-years away from us this magnificent planet
has more than 30 rings circling in each of them spanning up to hundreds of
millions of kilometres in diameter in fact if you replaced our Saturn with
this planet we would be able to clearly see it’s magnificent rings during the
night time from Earth but unfortunately these rings will dissipate and disappear
after millions of years later from now through the celestial process and
eventually the rings will become exomoons around the planet number 2 Gliese 436 B this is perhaps the most
intriguing exoplanet out there due to one reason alone it’s covered mainly and
hot burning ice well it sounds different right well it’s possible due to the
planets unique makeup Gliese 436 B is very close to its host star that’s how
its surface temperatures rises to 439 degrees Celsius but unexpectedly water
doesn’t physically evaporate here because of strong gravitational force
which comes from the planets core and due to the strong bonding between the
molecules of i7i 7 is a different kind of eye
if you try to touch it it’ll definitely and severely burn you at the same time
higher temperature causes the hydrogen and helium in the atmosphere to
evaporate it’s safe to say that this planet is a burning and freezing hell
because it’s icy surface is continuously on fire throughout the year
number one 55 Cancri E twinkle twinkle little star oh wait it’s not a star it’s
a diamond planet the planet 55 Cancri E sparkles brightly in space just like a
real diamond and undoubtedly this planet is a best friend of every girl or
someone who wants an insane amount of money about a third of the planet is
made from huge unpolished diamond there are enough diamonds if somehow we were
able to make all these diamonds into a single gem it would be larger than our
earth if you could own this planet then you’d definitely be the wealthiest
person on earth individually talking you would be richer than Bill Gates or Jeff
Bezos or all the billionaires combined after considering the current diamond
prices the price of this planet would be roughly twenty six point nine nine
million dollars that’s one with 30 zeros behind it 55 Cancri mostly consists of
carbon and it has the average planetary temperature of 726 degrees Celsius
that’s how diamonds make up one-third of the planet in the presence of high
carbon content extreme temperature and pressure
unfortunately this planet is 40 light-years away from us but imagine if
somehow we would be able to import some fraction of its diamond then obviously
diamond value on earth will collapse significantly for probably our diamonds
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