55 Cancri System | Hosting a Diamond Planet

Located 41 Light years from the Sun in the
constellation of Cancer, 55 Cancri is a Binary Star System. It consists of a K-type star
55Cancri A and a red dwarf 55 Cancri B. Right now 5 exoplanets are believed to be orbiting
55 Cancri A. These exoplanets are named as 55 Cancri b, c, d, e, and f in order of their
discovery. Later International Astronomical Union announced new names for these objects.
55 Cancri A was renamed, Copernicus and its planets b,c,d,e, and f were given the name
Galileo, Brahe, Lipperhey, Janssen, and Harriot in honor of astronomers Nicolaus Copernicus,
Galileo Galilei, Tycho Brahe, Thomas Harriot, and spectacle maker and telescope pioneers
Hans Lipperhey and Zacharias Janssen. Let’s check out the following animation
which visualizes the orbital distance of planets and companion star. The innermost planet 55 Cancri e races around
its host star and completes its orbit in less than 18 hours. It is classified as Super-Earth
and its surface temperature can exceed 2,700 degrees Celcius. Studies show that it may
have more carbon-rich material than oxygen which is the opposite of what we found here
in our solar system. If these findings are right and with the help of high pressure and
temperature there is a strong possibility that 1/3rd of the planet is made up of Diamonds.
Due to this reason 55 Cancri e is also known as “Diamond Planet” and it is estimated
to be worth 26.9 nonillion dollars. 55 Cancri b is a gas giant planet having hydrogen
in its upper atmosphere. Its atmosphere is believed to be slowly evaporating due to the
intense heat of the star. 55 Cancri c is likely to be a gas giant without
a solid surface. 55 Cancri f is believed to be a gas giant
orbiting inside the habitable zone of its parent star. If it has any moon it can hold
liquid water and can harbor life. 55 Cancri d is also likely to be a gas giant
with no solid surface. I hope you like the video. Subscribe for more
informative videos. Thanks for watching!


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