A Meditation Walk with the Earth Described By Gary Douglas from Access Consciousness

A Meditation Walk with the Earth With Gary Douglas &
Access Consciousness Hi everybody,
this is Gary Douglas. I’d like to talk to you
about a Meditation Walk. What is that? You want to take one hour,
to go 150 feet, which would be about 50 meters. What you do is you start out, you are at least 50 feet away
from any other person. You work yourself slowly
from point A to point B What you do in that, is you stay
totally present with everything, so that you hear the birds,
you hear the critters, you see everything,
you don’t miss anything. It’s about expanding your energy out, so that you are in
perception of everything, and moving through the Earth
in such a slow way that you don’t miss anything. But in so doing,
you eliminate time as a reality. Doing this process of walking
this distance, at this slow rate… what it starts to do is create
a place where you’re willing to be in a level of communion
with the earth that nothing else will give you. So I’d like to recommend
all of you try it. It’s really phenomenal when you do it. It gives you a greater sense
of your connection to earth than anything else I’ve been
able to get people to do. I love it,
I think it’s amazing. There are people who have
sat down during the process and just sat there for half an hour, but you’ve got to do this 150 feet
by the way, in one hour. (Laughing)
Talk about evil. Making you go that slow, that you have to be that present
for one hour is really hard for a lot of people,
so a lot of people sit down. Don’t do it just by sitting down
and waiting for an hour. I have watched people do that. But if you take that one hour,
to walk that 50 meters, that 150 feet in the doing of that,
you will get a different perspective on how everything in the Earth
works with you and is there for you. You’ll begin to notice things
that nobody else sees. You begin to be
what nobody else can be. But it’s your choice. So hopefully that helps you all. Welcome to my world, where everything becomes possible,
if you choose it. ONE HOUR
150 feet or 50 m Find out more here:


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