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Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Klaus Wagener, I’m from Germany and I am a master florist. For 25 years now I have been running BLOOM’s together with my partners… … a specialized publishing company… on flowers, plants and lifestyle and a marketing agency. First of all we are going to cut some of this polystyrene bowl to give it a little more organic shape. So we’re taking off some of the edges like this. I think this is enough. Then we are going to put these Populus Alba leaves on with small pins… …with the stems pointing upwards. As you can see the structure is already taking shape. Let’s finish it of with this last leave. So now it’s a nice bowl, it looks attractive… … and now it is time to put in some floral foam. You can place it directly in as it fits perfectly in the polystyrene bowl. And again we cut off some of the foam to shape it. Our base is finished, so now we turn to the flowers. We are going to use some of these wonderful Chrysanthemums. We start of with the biggest one and place it here… … where we cut some of the foam away. Place it quite deep into the foam. Directly below, we put the smaller varieties in… …just a little deeper than the big one, in a beautiful stacking. Next, the green Chrysanthemums. Leave space for the white one to blossom. Then we take the little round Chrysanthemums… … and place them in such a way the leaves can cover them a little. Ok, so this is nicely covered. Here we place some small ones as well… … again in a little group. It is important to keep an eye on the proportions. We want to cover two-third of the ball with Chrysanthemums and one-third with other materials. That’s a good proportion. Now we take the Hydrangea I have cut it short and we’ll put it right next to the green Chrysanthemums. And in autumn this plant makes this beautiful fluffy white material that works really well here. So, here’s another gap… We can put in some moss and secure it with a few pins. This can go here in this space in between. And to add a little movement we use this material. We start on this side, clamp it a bit in between. Again, we can also use a little wire and secure it carefully in between the flowers. We can put this through the slightly open knots, so it immediately has a connection. What else? Seed boxes of the Heuchera. Place it in and attach. Now we go a little back with the natural materials. If it’s a bit too much, you can cut off a little… I think this is a bit much. To top it of we clamped some Stachys in here. Let me just fix it some more. So, it’s a floral stone made out of Chrysanthemums, Clematis and other natural materials. Of course you can use different materials next to the Chrysanthemums, other natural materials that will dry nicely. And as you can see I have created a whole stone garden in different colours of chrysanthemums. This is the more white, green, grey one. If you enjoy working with these natural materials, you might like my new book… … Nature Workshop or ‘Natur Werkstatt’, is the name of the book. One hundred and forty-four pages and just as much design ideas for all seasons. Well, I hope you enjoy floral designing… …., my warmest regards and until next time.


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