All About Space – Planets, Stars, Gravity & Earth | #AskMsBooksy with Ms. Booksy at Cool School

Hi kids! Welcome to a starry, universe-tastic episode of Ask Ms. Booksy! I know there’s a lot of you out there who want to be astronauts, or maybe even walk on the moon! That would be so FUN! Anyways, A ton of you asked me questions about space, the planets, the stars, So I put on my astronaut suit, and, I did some investigating! And I got the answers for ya! Collin Kate Buot asks: Dear Ms. Booksy, can you tell me where stars go in the daytime? Well Collin, the cool–and maybe weird–thing is that the stars actually DON’T go anywhere during the day. They stay right where they are in the sky! We just can’t see them! Except for me! I’m at the center of the solar system, and I’m a star! MS. BOOKSY: Like a movie star? Well, I have made appearances in a lot of movies. But anyways… When I’m out during the daytime, my light is SO bright that all the other stars blend into the pale, blue light. Cool! And guess what, I don’t disappear at night either! The Earth just spins around, so you don’t see me. But I’ll be back! Hm… Kind of like when I turn my back on a lamp? Yep! The Earth is SO big, that you have to turn ALL night, just to see me in the morning! Awesome! Well, have a good night Sun! See you tomorrow! G’night! So the stars are always there! See kids? You can ALWAYS wish upon a star. Just look up… and make your wish! Next, Era Shahira asked me a SUPER educational question: Ms. Booksy, what are the 8 planets in our solar system? I think I need to call in some backup.. PLANETS: Hello Ms. Booksy! What’s up? Hey guys! Quick! Let’s do a role call. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptuuuune! Pluto! Sorry Pluto, you’re not a planet anymore… Aaaaw… But you can still hang out with us anyway! Yaaay! Together, all of us orbit around the sun and make up the Solar System! We all look different… Different shapes and sizes! Different types of atmospheres! But we work together to make the Solar System awesome! Hey, uh, guys. Could you let me in on a little secret? Sure! What’s up? Sooo… Do aliens exist, or what? PLANETS: Ha ha ha ha! That’s for us to know and for you to find out! Aw, man! Well kids, that just means that one of YOU has to become an astronaut! And let me know if you find aliens or not! Okay, next up, two of you actually asked the same question! Sara and Mahnoor both asked: Why is there no gravity in space? Whooooaaaa! Cool!! I can see my library from up here! Not really, but I feel like an astronaut in NASA! Well, here’s the thing… There actually IS gravity in space. Yeah! In fact, everything has gravity… The Earth has a gravitational field. Whoa, that’s a big word… Which means it pulls your towards it. But the farther you are away from it, the less you’re pulled. Oh… Oh no!! I’m too far! Don’t worry, I’ll catch you in my field! Whew! Oh, thanks moon! I have gravity too! All the planets are pushing, and pulling, and spinning around each other, but space is so ginormous, that it just SEEMS like everything is floating! Plus, there’s no air up here, so it doesn’t feel as windy and swishy as when something falls on Earth. Like that time I fell off my bed… Ouch… that hurt! Well, that was a super cool episode of Ask Ms. Booksy! I had so much fun! And guys, thanks for asking all the awesome questions! Keep them coming to give me more ideas for upcoming episodes. You can also send me your questions in the mail! Here’s the address. I can’t wait to see your letters! Subscribe to Cool School for aaall the fun things that we have! See you soon! Bye!


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