Apple Music — Planet of the Apps — New Series, Coming Soon

Voiceover: Welcome to
Planet of the Apps. In every episode,
app developers work to earn millions of dollars
in venture capital investment. It begins with the pitch
to four of the world’s most culturally influential
entrepreneurs. Developers, they’re
the rock stars of right now. Voiceover: Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba: I have that gut
and that intuition, and so far it’s been right. Voiceover: Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk: You’ve actually
completely sold me on the tech advantage. Voiceover: And Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth Paltrow:
As consumers of news, we have a real trust issue. Voiceover: The developers have
just 60 seconds on the escalator to get one of our advisors
interested in their idea. Man: We are ready to pitch.
Are you excited? Man: I’m so excited. Everything we’ve done
all comes down to this. Man: And we’re the eBay
for the Snapchat generation. Man: We are going to
revolutionize social media. Gary: Please explain that. Voiceover: Some will be denied. [BASS DRUM BEAT] Gary: I see the person
that could design it, but who’s going to
build the business? Voiceover: Those selected
by an advisor partner with the best
in the business. Woman: Olivia knows, through AI, the best day and time
to buy groceries. Gwyneth: I need this! Gary: This is a branding game.
I’m the branding person for you. Really?
Gary: Yes, really. Last time I know
my brand is known all over the earth. Man: I’m going to go…
with Will. Because I got
gold shoes on! Man: That’s what’s up! Jessica: [LAUGHS] Voiceover: They’ll work
with their advisors. Jessica: You guys got
a lot of work to do. Gary: This isn’t
the pitch anymore. This is real life. Voiceover: And take luminaries
from companies like Yelp,, and Uber. Man: Make pivots that kind of
make sense to that user base you have right now. Voiceover: It all leads
to a final pitch with one of the hottest
venture capital firms on the planet: Lightspeed Venture Partners. Gwyneth: Are you nervous? Man: There’s
10 million dollars at stake. Jeremy Liew:
What’s your burn rate right now? Nicole Quinn: How you’re
planning to acquire customers. Aaron Batalion:
It’s just not big enough. I truly believe
in this. Nicole: There’s
a big opportunity here. Gwyneth: [GASPS]
Oh, my God, I’m crying. Voiceover: Successful apps
earn featured placement on the App Store,
making their apps available to millions of people. Man: This is the biggest
opportunity in my life. ♪ Music playing ♪ Voiceover:
Planet of the Apps. Watch the journey unfold
on Apple Music. ♪

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