Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars

Scholars is the best decision I’ve made at Ohio State. I say it all the time. I would not be in the same friend groups as I am. I would not have gotten the grades that I had, I would not know the professors and the people that I know in Knowlton. It helped me declare my major It helped me discover things that I had no idea existed in this world, and it’s introduced me to some of my best friends that I think I’ll have for life. We ate together, we studied together, we played video games together. Those friendship last, and they carry on. A lot of people are concerned about getting lost in the crowd and I would say if you want a smaller classroom setting, I would definitely join scholars. Everybody knows everyone by name, you’re not just your “dot number,” you’re not just your last name When we got into studio, it was another exceptional experience because even older scholars students were around and knowing that you were scholars, they reached out to you and spoke to you as well and you got a great connection of not just people who are your own age, but people who ended up being upperclassmen, and it made the experience in Knowlton a little bit easier to adjust to right in the beginning. Another major advantage to the scholars program would be the domestic trips that we do. I’ve been both to Toronto and Chicago For the Chicago trip, we were each assigned one building to research and we put together images of the building and we made a little book together so that when we walk around the city we could look at the book and see plans and sections of the building and have a quick fact sheet on everything. Scholars is one thing that really allowed me to find a passion for traveling Just the amount of things that you see on these trips they are only weekend long trips, generally, but just, you are going the whole day and you’re seeing so much architecture seeing so much urban life. It’s really easy to balance your social life and your scholars requirements and your academics. Especially living with everybody, you all study together, so you stay motivated in school and then you’re also all going out and cleaning up a park together. It’s run by people that have been through the program, things like that, and they know the time commitment, so it’s really like catered to your needs as a freshman people know that, people who have been through it, they know what they’re doing, so everything’s planned out really well and it just works hand in hand with what you’re already studying. Me, being non-architecture, I joined architecture scholars over the engineering scholars because I had more of a passion for architecture and it was an easy way to get my architecture fix without having to be an architecture major Every year, every class has like a different vibe, a different feel to it, but they all have the same bond that carries with them through their whole career at Knowlton and at Ohio State And It’s something really incredible.

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