ASMR MARSHMALLOW+ICE CREAM+PLANET GUMMI+DONUT eating sounds MUKBANG여러가지 디저트 먹방咀嚼音アイス+マシュマロ+地球グミ+ドーナツ

Lollipop Ice cream This is yogurt ice cream tastes like fruit. It’s an ice cream brand that I like so much. Isn’t it so cute? 😀 And it’s soo delicious. The brand name is Ice Factory : ) Marshmallow Marshmallow Ice cream candy There’s marshmallow in the cotton candy-flavored ice cream. Earth gummi It’s sweet and sour ! I like it 🙂 The texture is like a marshmallow. Happy birth day gift donut There’s popping candy and colorful sprinkles on top of the doughnut. Milk Thank you so much for watching !


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