Hi, fellow birdies! Today, I’m having Trolli Planet Gummis! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! This is where I live! Memphis, TN 🙂 The outside feels soft and moist. Let’s take a bite! There’s a sweet and sour jam inside. Tastes like strawberry! I was so glad to have found these online at a German store. This is a popular ASMR item I’ve been wanting to try for ages! They’re so delicious and chewy! I bought 3 packs that contained 4 each. It was about $16. Not cheap, but worth it! They’re so chewy that it feels like I’m eating marshmallows. Have you ever tried these before? The sweet and sour combo is very good, in my opinion! And the center is definitely a fruity strawberry! I think it’s so cute how the container looks like a planet. Trolli did a good job with this candy! I let my son try one and he was in love with the squishy outside. Before I saw these on ASMR videos, I never knew they existed! This is the coolest candy ever! Trolli also makes other types of gummies… That are popular in ASMR. They look like soccer balls and eyeballs. They also contain a jam inside like these. But these are by far the most popular. Eating these also reminds me of chewing gum, in a way. But at least these you can swallow! I think I actually like these better than marshmallows! Most people have bought these off of Amazon… but paid a higher price! I’ve included a link in the description from where I got them cheaper. Let’s try eating one whole! The sour and sweet taste exploded in my mouth! Very pleasant surprise 🙂 I think I like eating them whole more. But then it disappears quicker! So I’ll take my time with the last of them. After all, seeing that jam inside is interesting, no? As much as I love these, I would never stop eating them. They’re very addicting! We’re down to the last one! Would you say this is the cutest gummy ever? I’m certainly happy eating it! All done and satisfied! See you next time! Bye, birdies 🙂


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