Today I prepared a variety of Christmas special desserts including, Earth gummy with a little snow on top, winter limited edition white oreo, snow ice, edible spoon, popping boba, marshmallow, snow macaron, and blue jelly! Let’s eat snow ice first~ Hongsi first★ Wow~! It’s so chill. Blue lemonade flavor This feels like a sorbet~ These frozen desserts are melting quickly than I thought so I better eat in a hurry. Macaron with blue-colored sugar outside Inside has a rich cream cheese filling. This crunchy textured feeling is like eating snowflakes. At first, you get happy by looking at its white color like snow, and then it feels like I’m melting once I chew because of the soft and chewy texture. (๑˃؂˂๑) Jello Wobble wobble~ Taste is sweet with a feeling of blueberry scent. I made this myself but the shape wasn’t what I was expecting haha It easily breaks in your mouth but the texture is bouncy and elastic. Earth gummy with snow on top It’s crunchy. ꈍ﹃ꈍ I got addicted to Earth gummy while I kept on eating it, so I bought in large quantity. Love the taste and the texture of it♥ Popping boba Spoon made with chocolate I made the chocolate with a mixture of colors. I barely can feel the sweetness because other desserts were too sweet haha Because this one is really delicious if I haven’t had the sweeter desserts before this one T.T I thought, ‘I can’t explain this taste~’ while I was eating it hehe White chocolate coated oreo Oreo is already delicious and then there’s chocolate coating!! It’s so delicious that I want to keep one by my side. First, I can feel the sweet milk chocolate taste~ Oreo’s crunchiness and sweetness have doubled. Snow macaron The decorations I had put on has been all fell off lol Color is a pretty sky color~ I love blue and purplish colors. This melting feeling is like a sorbet~ I wish there was purple or pink Earth gummy. Gather all snowflakes~ I get this cooling feeling from the powder after I chew. Ice spoon straight out from the freezer ੦ܫ੦ Marshmallow It melts quickly in your mouth. Σ(O_O) (≧▽≦) The syrup inside Earth gummy is so fruity. Because the lights were too hot, macaron fillings are melted haha Velvety cream cheese I will finish off sweet~ o(∩_∩)o See you next time again! Love you…♥


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