The summer is coming to an end. It’s already late August and I can really feel
how autumn is getting closer for everyday that goes by. But I think
that the end of the summer is a wonderful time. Sometimes even more wonderful
than the summer itself. It’s still green
and warm outside. But the air feels more clean
and fresh. And the mosquitoes
has finally left us alone. Almost. But of course, it’s getting darker again. No more bright nights
or midnight sun. But in some strange way, the darkness always feels
so welcoming in autumn. So comfortable and calming. I think that the light
in the summer focuses more on the energy outwards. Like people, social life, activities, movement
and the physical world. And then, it’s autumn
and the darkness arrives. It’s feels like the focus swifts
more into our inner world. And it’s opens up space
for feelings, reflections and creativity. A time to nurture our soul. I really love
the constant changing seasons that we have here. It makes every month feel
new and unknown. And it’s a good reminder that nothing really
lasts forever. And I guess
that’s the beauty of it. Another good thing about August is that the forest is full
of berries. The blueberries are my favorite. And the lindenberries just
started getting ripe as well. And in our garden we have
a lot of raspberries, both yellow and red. And we have black corinth, which is also a huge favorite
of mine. And red corinth. And we also have gooseberries,
which is very new to me. But it tastes very good. I want to make sure
to pick enough berries for the whole winter. I think that eating berries
everyday during the winter, can help to stay strong
and healthy. And this year, picking lots of blueberries
is more important than ever, since I’ve found
a new way of using them. More than just eat
or drink them. I’ll tell you more about that
in a minute. Picking berries
is also strongly connected to memories from my childhood. Every summer,
when we came here to Grundtjärn, we picked lots of berries. We were out all day. And it was such
a special feeling to come home in the evening and make homemade berry jam. And being out
in the forest like this, makes me think so much
of my grandparents and how much I miss them. They grew up and lived here and they have
probably been walking in the exact same spots
once in a time picking berries. [Speaking in Swedish] [Speaking in Swedish] That always happens in autumn. That we just start making fire
for the first time after the summer. When the pipe is cold, it takes some time for the smoke
to flow the right way. But after a while,
the fire was perfect. This is usually what I do with most of the berries
that I pick. I use a steam called “saftmaja”, to steam the berries
into a juice. And I add no sugar, it’s only the berries and water. And I tell you,it smells heavenly
in the kitchen while doing this. When the juice is done, I usually put it
in small bottles to keep in the freezer. In that way, I can just take out a
bottle from our freezer whenever I need
some berry juice. As I told you earlier, I’ve found a new way
of using the blueberries more than to just drink it. I make paint out of it. I first got the idea
earlier this summer, while I was out
with Johan looking for stones in the forest
just behind our house. I found this yellow rusty sand and I was thinking: “What if I could make
my own paint out of this beautiful sand?” And about three weeks ago, I was out with my mom
picking blueberries. And as I saw the blue color
from the blueberries on my fingers, I once again got the thought
of making paint from the natural pigment. I just didn’t really know
how to make it into paint, with pigments that will last
even as it dries. But one night in my studio, I experimented with
this natural pigments from the blueberries
and the sand, and made
my very own paint out of it. And I was completely mesmerized. I immediately started thinking about other ways
of finding beautiful colors in the nature around me. I looked for stones
in different colors in our garden. And then, I bought this
stone-crashing machine to make the stones into sand. And I took carbon from the fire
to make black pigment. And ashes
to make gray and brown. It didn’t matter that making
my own paint from nature took me so much time. Picking the berries, finding the stones
and preparing the paint. I fell in love
with the whole process. I’m still blown away by these beautiful colors
of nature. And painting
with them is pure joy. The only acrylic color
that I add is white, to be able to mix them
into different shades. It’s incredible
how many colors you can get from such few pigments. And I love
to get to know these colors, and to mix them together
to create new ones. The colors may not be
as strong and vibrant as the acrylic colors
that I use to paint with. But I love the natural look
and the earthy tones. And knowing that it’s made
from natural pigments gives it a whole new dimension. And you can really feel the sand and the different structures
from the pigments. It makes it feels real. So, yeah. That’s
what I’ve been up to lately. Now it’s soon September and I really look forward to share the beautiful
autumn with you all. Thank you so much
for taking the time to watch my video. And a special thanks
to my subscribers on Patreon for supporting my creative work. Lots of love to you everybody. I see you soon.


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