Battle Planet – Judgement Day | Abbreviated Reviews

Have you ever wanted to run around on a planet
as big as your own back yard? What if you could do that while being relentlessly
assaulted by wild animals and the police? Well then you’re gonna wanna try out Battle
Planet – Judgement Day! Slap on some handcuffs and make your way into
the role of one of the three most wanted criminals in the galaxy who have been captured and thrown
on a prison ship. As you’re on your way to space jail, the
ship crashes just in time to give you a reason to be the protagonist. Now it’s your job to make your way around
tiny little baby planets using all of the guns you can find to counter-murder everyone
trying to murder you. Crash land in a pod and immediately get besieged
by numerous waves of one of four slightly different main types: First up is bomb defusal, a setup where the
space police bombard your mini planet with the universe’s least effective long fuse
bombs. Stand beside them and dodge the annoying laser
beams and gigantic spinning saw blades to have your little drone friend defuse them
while you continue your killing spree. Next is the “defeat all enemies” wave
type. Here the goal is to shoot guns at your enemies
until the number of enemies is less than or equal to zero. Survival makes up the third type of wave where
enemies come flying at you from every angle and it’s your job to not die from them. Staying alive is the name of the game and
your best bet to do it is to make your enemies deader than they want you to be! Finally there’s boss fights. These waves involve a boss and you giving
it the old one-two-gun (1-2-gun graphic) to the face. This just happens to be where you also unlock
the other two characters you can play in the game. The first character you unlock is the speedy
agile lady. Contrary to the starting character’s machine
gun and rocket pack, she has dual pistols and a teleport for added maneuverability. Keep on truckin’ and you’ll unlock the
big slow guy with rocket launcher arms and a big ass jump to get him around. Take any one of this trio of murderous fugitives
and make your way as far as you can in the roguelite design beating waves and bosses
to collect upgrade points. Then make each character, the weapons you
can pick up, or your secondary abilities ever so slightly stronger so you can feel like
you’re making progress. Now you can die and do it all again and again
until either you win or give up! Truly the full scope of a roguelite experience! Battle Planet – Judgement Day, letting you
spread the wonderful message of violence and explosions to even the smallest planets in
the galaxy! I think it should be our goal of humanity
to colonize a tiny planet. How cool would it be to run so fast that you
would attain orbital velocity? I’d be like superman… but fatter and drunker!

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