Beautiful scenery of Yeouido Han River Park (여의도 한강공원) | Korea Travel Vlog |

I love living in Seoul. You get to see many different aspects of the city easily when you take a bus , subway or just walk around. I am going to Han River Park by bus now. And today, I want to show you guys what you can see there and what I like about that place. There is a big river in Seoul. That is the Han River. Han River is the second longest river in South Korea. It is such a good thing that there is a huge river running through this big metropolitan city. I think the best way to enjoy Han River from close is going to Han River Park. from close is going to Han River Park. There are 11 Han River Parks along the river. My favorite place among those parks is Yeouido Han River Park. When you cross the Han River on the subway, the view towards Yeouido is beautiful. First, the starting point is 63 Square. I love the color of the building. To me, that building is like the symbol of this place When I think of the Han River Park, the picture of the park with green grass and 63 Square behind, always pops up in my mind. This is the view I walked from so far. Changing direction and heading to the other side of the park. If you walk a little more, you can see a square. And You can see I.SEOUL.U sign which you would find in many famous places when you travel around Seoul. Well I personally think that whoever made this tried to say “I love Seoul” in a witty way, but I kind of laughed when I hear it the from the news at first. But after seeing the sign for few years, the idea that it doesn’t make any sense (kind of) is unconsciously imprinted in my head, and now I think the strategy was so clever. because it reminds me of “I love Seoul” everytime I see it. And honestly I kinda like it. There are also plenty of places to relax in the park. Bench, stairs, and every field around you. What I think it’s really cool is that there are hammock-ish meshes with various colors that you can lie down and gaze at the river scenery and the sky. Isn’t it so cool? There are 31 bridges on Han River, and crossing all of the bridges is one of my goal of this year 2019. FYI, There are three bridges that pass through this park. The first bridge you see is Wonhyo Bridge. Next bridge you will see is Mapo Bridge. And last but not least, that is Seogang Bridge. On this bridge, you can see the whole picture of the park and its surroundings at a glance Lots of cars are passing the bridge and it is really windy, so you don’t have to come unless you want to see the wide view of the park. For me, it was worth it. You can’t miss the view of the opposite side of the river It is so beautiful. It made me feel calm and relax. The rest of the road is more like nature-friendly. There are many trees and plants, and you can walk closer along the river. Right behind is the National Assembly This is the green roof building that you can see crossing the bridge. At the end of the park, there is a marina where yachts are docked. I guess they are having a party on a yacht. Well happy new year. Another reason I like this place is the night view of the park. Yeouido, where this park is located at, is known as central area of politics and economy, and in the past broadcasting too. So there are many high buildings and they create a nice night view. Although it shows late working image of Korean society. On the other side, there is Eland cruise marina filled with lights. I can’t show you all the details of Yeouido Han River Park, but you can come and feel your own joy. It is fortunate to be able to find a bit of break at the waterfront in the busy and crowded city life. And that’s why I like this place. What’s up everybody. I’m K from Seoul Duo TV. and I take photos and make videos about South Korea. I want to share in this channel with vlogs and travel videos of places I like, things I see and feel in Seoul and Korea. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe for my channel. If you have any question or where you want to see next, leave comment down below. Stay tune for the next episode. Thanks for watching, and peace.


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