Boris Johnson and U.K. oligarchs want to “treat the living planet as their dustbin”

You have called this election the “climate
election.” Do you now think that’s what this was about? Well, it’s really disappointing that, you
know, for the first time, we had some very strong climate and environmental policies
in the platforms of several of the major parties. And that, to me, was quite exciting. But you would hardly have known it from the
media coverage. It was scarcely touched on. You know, just as the politicians are finally
taking these issues seriously, the media, as always, turns its back on them and looks
the other way and talks about Brexit and talks about immigration and the economy and crime
and all the old 20th century issues. And so, yeah, I mean, this great opportunity
we had, finally, to take action on our greatest-ever crisis has once more been lost. And that is tremendously disappointing. I mean, I don’t — well, obviously, I don’t
trust Johnson on anything, but I particularly don’t trust him on environmental issues. You know, his whole shtick is really to just
give the oligarchs what they want. Whether they’re onshore oligarchs or offshore
oligarchs, it doesn’t matter, because they support his party, and he, in turn, supports
them. And they want a free hand to treat the living
planet as their dustbin and to treat the people of the planet as their underpaid and exploited
workforce or consumers. And so, the idea that he would be a champion
of environmental values, unfortunately, is a very remote hope indeed.


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