Brickleberry – Woody Johnson’s History of the Earth

[groans] [screeches] How you like
your road eggs? Same way I like my road head:
runny and in my mouth. Uh, how about I just
scramble these? What? Who the hell set the thermostat
to 38 degrees? [shivering]
Woody did. Woody, that is
such a waste of energy. Don’t you care
about our planet at all? [babbles mockingly]
Oh, shut up, Ethel. Our planet is fine. It was here 2,015 years
before me and it’ll be here 2,015 years
after me. Wow. Don’t you know anything
about the history of the Earth? I know plenty.
Here’s a free history lesson. Listen and learn. (Steve)
♪ Jesus! Came to Earth
in a ball of fire ♪ ♪ Jesus!
He killed all the dinosaurs ♪ ♪ Jesus!
Uppercutting T. rex ♪ ♪ Jesus!
Karate kick that mother[bleep] ♪ ♪ Jesus! Shooting fireballs
and lightning bolts ♪ ♪ Jesus!
Making oil for Republicans ♪ ♪ Jesus ♪

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