Bristlecone Pine as Landscape Tree | From the Ground Up

Gardeners are always looking for new and different
and interesting and unusual plants to incorporate into their landscape. Bristlecone pine is one of those that I would
call an under used plant for Wyoming landscapes. Each bristlecone pine is unique in its shape,
size, and character. So the tree that you plant in your yard will
look different from a bristlecone pine that you see in a neighbors yard or in another
community. Bristlecones are fantastic trees, they can
live for literally thousands of years, they’re among the oldest trees living on earth today. It’s a relatively pest free plant; the worst
thing you can do to a bristlecone pine is overwater it. One thing to note about this pine tree is
that if you look closely at the needles you’ll see these little white specks on the needles;
it’s actually a wax that the needles excrete and people think that it’s a pine needle
scale, which is an insect pest that looks very similar, but on bristlecone pine that’s
actually a normal physiological aspect of this plant. For more information about trees that do well
in Wyoming, you can always contact your local county Extension office. From the University of Wyoming Extension,
this is Chris Hilgert, and you’re watching From the Ground Up.

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