BTS Jimin’s Promise & Taehyung’s Scenery Reaction!! | Malaysian React!! (THE MESMERIZING VOICES!)

I always updated their news or information on Twitter Because they always being updated at Twitter I will react to both of the songs, which are the first one is from Jimin and the second one is from Taehyung, V I don’t know anything about this, like I suddenly saw their posts about them releasing their own song But they don’t make it into a single or an album So the first one I will be reacting to is Jimin and the title song is Promise I’m still captivated by his voice on Serendipity His voice is so mesmerizing and so soft, like it really almost similar to a girl’s voice Me myself, can’t reach his tone key.. I will be reading the lyrics too, and also I will credit to this people who create this (wonderful) video, thank you so much Maybe this song is for ARMYs, maybe.. When you are closing your eyes and listen to the song You can imagine the surroundings like, it such a relaxing(song) Seriously, always have the ad all the time Why this people have to put his picture into this video That’s so cute Even though there has nothing to do about sort kind of theories Jimin, his voice is really soft and V His voice is such a husky His voice is really deep, like it just similar to me (LOL!!) I really think that this is for ARMYs, or else The sound is really like a flapping bird Like these guys are really never been taught English (when they are underrated) Because of them promoting in US And other countries And since then, they started bit by bit learning English more Seriously I got goosebumps Like you are in a theater, watching a musical.. Where he’d never forgot the happy moments again I like when people, especially for idols who can produced their own song

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