BTS V – Scenery 뷔 – 풍경-Irish Army reaction-//LOLY

I’ll collect a piece of moonlight and make it a light Hi guys, what’s the Craic? Loly here Welcome back! Excuse my appearance. I just you know, one of those days we just have 101 things to do and You intentionally get up and want to wear something nice and end up in sweat pants That’s this kind of day so I cannot cannot wait anymore Taehyung, V, finally came out with the song that he has been working on that he was going to do Scenery So excited I’ve been waiting for this for so long and I love Taehyung’s voice and I love the way he sees the world I think he’s a really nice view just the way he speaks You can tell he sees the world through a very artistic and colorful place So I’m really excited to see how he puts it into a song Yeah, I I’m gonna link the original sound cloud where it’s coming from down below. So please make sure and stream and all down there so it gets the view but because I want to read the English so I’m going to use this video But I’ll still be listening to it on sound cloud aswell So yeah, here we go. This is Scenery, I’m excited Hang on I’ll take my glasses off. They’ll hurt my face Whoa it already sounds like He’s at a sea side. With the bell’s You can hear footprints in the snow. Very fitting it’s snowing here in Ireland at the minute. We are literally just covered in snow everywhere. Scenery. Wow, that’s very smart. So when you think of the seaside or snow you think of photographs and scenery So straight away you just think like that straight away Yeah, little brainy baby look at you go. Go Tae Oh, I love the melody his voice gives me Shivers Hang on I need to Listen to the full effect of his voice I put my feelings in the park.. am I screaming? I feel like I’m screaming. Oh, well V’s voice is worth it This song is headed for you My god his voice I love the way V pronounces English, I think it’s very charming He always has a bit the end of his words are always a bit kind of Not crisp. a little bit, but I love it I think it’s so charming Like wonder like oh my god. This voice sounds incredible Sorry, I just had to stop you know when I get goosebumps just got goosebumps Oh Tae it’s beautiful I love the footprint sound’s still in it It’s so easy to picture I Guess If you want to say scenery like it’s so easy to picture the scene that he was envisioning for this.. Obviously everyone picks up the song and thinks something different or comes up with something different in their head how it would look He’s making very easy to picture, I can almost exactly tell what he was going for And with the sound effects and all in it. Can imagine walking through.. a quiet city With the wind of the ocean and walking through the snow in The dark with the stars above you That’s what I can picture while i listen to this I live in the countryside And I can still picture myself doing that.. actually got shiver’s I’ll collect a piece of moonlight and make it a light I want that tattoo it on my face Do you hear the level of the voice in that? It sound’s like his voice Sounds like a woman’s voice (Aurora’s) NO its his We all just have a round of applause for Tae’s first self-composed song let’s just all- let’s just all take a moment.. Well done well done well done Tae not that my opinion matters Not that you care what I think but well done absolutely. Well done. Like it was beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful I’m not just saying that because I love on BTS. I’m not one of those people I don’t think that will love everything that somebody comes out with just because I like them I have my own opinion But I really really like that really they’ll I love the melody his voice sounds Eww Please come out with more stuff more GIVE US A MIXTAPE you too JIMIN and Jungkook and JIN and Suga (august D 2)?? and RM and JHope right, Im going to go Thank you guys so much for watching and I can’t wait to see what projects they come out with this year.. I’m gonna go. Thank you guys

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