Building a Dog Pool Out of Rock

so the old home had a large pool in the
backyard and the dogs would love to get inside go for a swim and cool off
however the new home does not have a pool so this week I want to make them a
small shallow dog wading pool area just something simple for them to get inside
and cool off during heat of summer it just so happened that my father-in-law
was in town so him and Cody were very kind enough to go gather all of my
building materials for me and I stayed behind and collected rocks and if there
is one thing I’m not short on at the new place
it is rocks that entire wall you see there was actually built from rocks just
gathered around the property from the previous owner
and I decided to build this pool inside of this rock wall just to keep it as
organic and natural looking as possible and the first thing I needed to do was
build up a form or a wall so that I could pour a concrete floor I did this
by cutting a few strips of masonite board and then holding it up using some
stakes driven into the ground without set next I started mixing concrete and
at this point I have learned my lesson with mixing concrete it is well worth
the money to just go ahead and rent the mixer I purchased the three bag mixer so
that I could dump in three bags of concrete per load and I don’t have a lot
of area to maneuver this mixer around so I would always just pour it in at one
location then use a rake in order to push the concrete around and spread it
evenly in this location is actually on a slight slope so the front of it where
that masonite board is is going to be the deeper end and in the back is going
to be the shallow end after getting around an inch of concrete spread I then
inserted some rebar import in another inch on top of it at this point using
the back of the rake so that the prongs wouldn’t uproot that rebar and it was a
little sketchy breaking that concrete along the back wall oh boy I’m a billy
goat and that was that after letting a dry
overnight I removed these stakes as well as those
masonite boards and now had the foundation to my dog wading pool
so next I moved on to mixing up the mortar another reason I chose this
location for the pool is so I wouldn’t have to dig into the ground since on on
nothing but raw but instead just build up the front and the walls to do that
I’m going to be using all the rocks that I found around the property and stacking
them on top of one another using the mortar as a way to glue them together
essentially I started with the very back of the pool what I would do is apply a
good amount of mortar to the location where I wanted to place the rock then I
would also apply mortar to the back of the rock I would want to stick into
place at first I was a little reserved with the mortar but then very quickly
figured out I needed to apply enough so that it would actually move out along
the sides of it and this will help later on whenever I go to waterproof it
because if this thing doesn’t hold water then of course it’s no good to me after
I would squish the rock into place and the mortar would ooze out I would then
use my trowel to either scrape away the excess or use the back of the trail to
smooth it out and make it look nice and neat I would also do my best to keep the
face of rock as mortar free as possible after getting the entire back of the
pool completed I then moved on to building up the front wall since this
requires a lot more mortar I used a shovel to apply the bulk of the mortar
then use my trowel to apply to the back of the rock out setting in place and for
this first row of rock I tried to pick the larger flat rocks that I could find whenever I got to the very far end I
then inserted a drain because this is going to be the lowest point of the pool
the drain is simple is just a piece of PVC pipe with a ball valve attachment on
the end I’m ordered it in place and then started in on the second row of rocks
then I repeated this process until I built up I believe four layers total for
this wall and keep in mind even though I’m using this as a dog bowl the same
exact process if you’re looking to build a koi fish pond or even a turtle pond
now for the front I for one wanted to cover up the concrete lip which I guess
I could have done by just moving dirt up to it
but I needed to build some steps anyways I went ahead and lined the entire front
with raw while also building as he steps yep some of those rocks was dead heavy I
certainly got a workout in during this project with all of the rocks in place
I then took my leaf blower to blot all of the dust that had accumulated inside
of the pool and I also used my small sawzall to cut that drain pipe as close
to the rock as possible already the last step is to make this thing waterproof
and to do that I’m using a product called dry lock made by UGL and this is
a product made especially for waterproofing masonry so this actually
comes in white but you can have the Home Center tinted and so I said let’s go
with a brown sandy color and it came out a little yellow so the dogs are going to
have a yellow pool UGL actually has tent formulas available online so that the
store can match the specific color so if you do this be sure to pick out your
color before actually going to the store and the way this stuff works is the
latex paint penetrates the pores of the masonry and creates a waterproof barrier
all in all I apply three codes using a brush however you can also use a roller
and yes I did double check with the company to make sure this wasn’t going
to be harmful to my pup if they did drink the water all in all it was very
happy with just how easy this was to apply and just how well it worked
big thank you to you Gio for supporting my channel if you’d like to check them
out there is a link down in the description maybe doesn’t look so yellow
or maybe it just looks yellow hey Bubba
alright so now I’m just going to fill it up and introduce the dogs through their
new pool I really think that they’re going to get a lot of use out of this
once I understand what it is but I have a drain so I can drain it whenever the
water needs changing and I plan to use those tablets that are non-toxic the to
prevent mosquito eggs from hatching in the water so that’s it for this one I
hope that you enjoyed it and I will see you next time


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