Can Eating One Plant-Based Meal a Day Save the Planet? | SuperSoul Sunday | Oprah Winfrey Network

One plant-based
meal a day does what to help change the planet? Changing one of your meals a
day to a plant-based meal saves 200,000 gallons of water and
the carbon equivalent of driving from Los Angeles to New York. To New York. That’s one person. So think about
multiplying that out. – If everybody just did that.
– Exactly. – Yeah,
– Exactly. And you were saying
you’re not even trying to convert the whole world. You were just saying,
start with the one meal. Exactly. You mentioned one time
that it was graspable. Yes. Yeah, and it is. I mean, that’s the
feedback that I [INAUDIBLE] Well, that’s what I like. That’s why we’re having
this conversation, because that is graspable. My mind can hold that. I can receive that. That’s a doable thing . I can turn that into a– fun exercise for yourself. Yeah. One meal a day.


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