Captain Planet Movie Trailer (FAN-MADE)

Our world is in peril. A recent protest against
high levels of pollution. The conditions haven’t improved. Some of the most polluted cities.
Much of the river is now polluted. I can smell the pollution. Advising people with heart
or lung ailments to stay indoors. It’s already having a devastating affect on plants and animals
around the world. A controversial bill has passed allowing plunder industries to commence
extensive drilling off the golf of Mexico. The bill is headed by Dr. Barbara Blight who
made a statement earlier today. We can assure you that we took all necessary precautions
and this project will be safe. Ma-Ti the Planeteers are needed. I thought I would surprise you.
I’m so glad. Our rings haven’t worked in 10 years what makes you think… She’s up to
something. Where is everybody? Kwame should be getting Gi as we speak. What is she planning?
We are not certain but she has teamed up with Plunder. What about Wheeler? That is what
I wanted to talk to you about. That was a different time Link that’s just not me anymore.
The world needs us Wheeler. How far are you willing to let them go before you step up.
Breaking news for you an oil spill on the Mississippi River contaminates the nearby
neighborhood reservoir. Contamination has infected six communities. How’s she doing?
She’s weak but hanging in there. When the world is chaos, war, despair? I see dollar signs. Planeteers I’ve hope this day would never come but there are forces beyond our control
and the fate of our world is now in your hands. Well let our powers combine. Our future hangs
in the balance. This planet is our home and we must fight for it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha. Excuse me sir. There’s a recycling bin right here. Get bent ya blue freak. Put it in the bin.


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