Castle Rock – Season 2 Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Original

We’re searchers, you and me. But you deserve a chance to
make a place in the world. See, I’m a searcher who just
wants to settle, wants it bad. Just can’t seem to find
that place that will live up to you, my perfection. [BELL RINGS] You want to tell me what
you’re doing in this place? Well, that’s a fine thing
to say to a customer. A customer who has
brought a host of problems to my town, which already
has enough problems. You don’t know a
cockadoodie thing about us. This town is not a good place. We’re running from
something, aren’t we? I will always do anything
to keep you safe. [YELLING] People around here, they forget. They forget the past. It’s written in blood. I’m warning you,
something bad is coming. (UNEARTHLY VOICE)
I’ll be seeing you, in all the old familiar places. You listen to me now. People in places like this
try to make you one of them so they can use you
and throw you away. But I won’t let them. (YELLING)
It’ll be blood on Christmas before I let them. That’s the story, soup to nuts. (UNEARTHLY VOICE)
I’ll be seeing you.

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