cat planet cat planet

Cat Planet! Cat Planet! Cat Planet! Well, hello there. Need to watch out for crows, cause they’re not cats at all! Why must you be so evil Mr.. Crow? Oh no, you want to destroy my little angel dude buddy guy. You are so mean Mr. Crow. You act like a Rip Van Fish, only you’re actually dangerous, it’s pretty great. Try to go through the grill, though! The crows, they don’t like the grills. Oh look at that, there’s the last little kitty cat there. Well, he’s not the last one, but he’s lost. Hey there, cat planet cat planet. Okay, I’ll go and go and go, cat planet cat planet cat planet! It’s not crow planet, leave me alone, crow! Get your own planet in the middle of the Earth’s core. Oh no, you’re being attacked and/or having dinner there, cat planet cat planet! Gotta touch you! Gotta get the cat! [struggle noises] Whoa! Cat planets armageddon! Oh my God, there’s like a mean little spiky there’s. Kind of scared, man! And the crows are not affected! Oh my God, okay this [is] kinda dangerous. ♪kinda, kinda dangerous buddy.♪ ♪ You’re the dangerous buddy I have! ♪ Hey there, cat planet cat planet! Almost there? Oh man, can I make it, crow buddy? You’re not a buddy at all! You’re not a cat! Where’s my cat planet cat planet cat? He’s down there in the bottom. I’m going over here. Whoa! Spike McCain and Orifice! ..Ew. Do not want Spike McCain in my orifice. I can vouch for myself. Okay, this is angel Confetti cat planet here. It is not necessarily what we want for dinner. Okay, so I’m just gonna basically explode through these guys for a while, I hope you don’t mind. eeEEe Okay, so cat planet cat planet. Okay, so cat planet? No? it’s cat- it’s planet of the cats? okay, okay..? ooh, oh- whoa! Man, bro-man, you’re dangerous, man. And uh, maybe if I like respawn you guys further away..? I’m gonna run into the first guy anyway, like it was proverbially no thing. Man, how how how how how how how hohow hohow hohow how did I manage to do it? last time? Oh, something like this? Man..! Wow, okay, this is kind of actually serious here. Uh.. Oh, wait. You’re stuck there underneath. This is what I want. I wanna do this to get you guys stuck underneath, so I can squeeze on by and puncture my head on the roof. That’s the best idea. Come on, get under. Thank you. Well, why do I keep g- okay, I go to- whoops Okay, wait, wait. Wait. I’m starting to game this, which is arguably not the point. Oh, come on. Get down here crows, Get down here crows, Get down here crows, Why are you not down here, crow. oh, come on..! Yeah, yep, yep, ..aahh No, I need to stop puncturing my head there. Stop puncturing my head there. No! I do not have fine control! whoa, no! oh, come on..! Dang it! I need to stop, I need to trust. I need to stop, I need to trust. Come on. Come- Come on. Come ON now Can [you/we] stop doing that? Jesus Christ. dah…? See something like… I will never give up, cat planet cat planet! Just need to make it through one day. [struggling phonetic noises] No, oh no, no no no no no no, no no no no Dang.. it George Why do I keep running.. into the wall there? I need the momentum of the little angel buddy. pretty strong Okay…? There we go? There we go? There we go? There we GO! There we go! There we go! There we go! There we go! GAAAAAASP Are you the King cat?! are you the king of the cats? WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA Well, thank you, Cat Planet Cat Planet Cat Planet. I’m glad you- I always wanted to go in a cat cave.. that kinda looks like a stomach. the cat stomach cat planet. I died 172 times. Look at that spin go! See you guys next time for..! the return to the comfort of a Japanese romhack of Super Mario World. See you all And remember deep in your heart… cat planet [boop?]


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