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Hey there, everyone! It’s Cat Planet! Hell yeah! We’re a lil’ angel girl! And there’s a cat! Oh, well hello there, Mr. Cat! Thank you for welcoming me! So we’re in the planet of the cats and we gots to find all the cats and explore the cats to find the planet!! Wow, your house very beautiful Mister Cat Planet Cat Flashing Head Cat Planet. I can fly with wings of a seagull Oh man! I’m in Cat Village. They live in hovels in the middle of nowhere. Gots to find all the cats though in… Cat Planet! [Audible snort] Oh lookie that! There’s a little kitty just hopping around there. I know it’s great. It is the most delicious pie I’ve ever eaten. In planet in cat form too, so to speak. Oh I’m already am mister little buddy! There’s lots to do such a spacing spacebar to fly, And going in the middle of the field! Horray! Look at that hole! Are we gonna go in the Cat Planet hole? Oh man! Everybody Cat Planet tonight! Like it was $15.99 The price of a regular cat planet. Hey there Cat Tunnel Planet Oh really now… I’m going to the cat planet core. Where it’s all green and livery Underground jungle now, this is pretty scary because there’s spikes. So we’re gonna go in the other direction because man thorns? They’re pretty dangerous, don’t you agree? Cat Planet Jungle? Oh my God, thorns hurt? Well, I don’t want to play with the thorns. Thorns are dangerous! It’ll make you eat soup. Right little cat? Oh really? I am going to groove out all the way to New Jersey. Well okay, so now we got thorns all over the place So it looks like I’m gonna thorn it up. Cat Planet Thorn Jungle. Exploration! So here you can just fly against the ceiling it’s very difficult. Uh oh! Here it’s actually genuinely kinda difficult-looking. Okay, so I’m gonna watch out… WHOA! Whoa. I don’t want to touch the thorns, thorns are dangerous. They will make you eat cheese when you don’t like cheese. Oh man. I know. I am utterly confused cat planet cat planet planet cats So…oh no! Not the Lava cave! Wooooahlie! I am NOT going there! Lava caves, they’re not very healthy for little cats and planets. There’s a reason why we lock up all the Lava in the middle of the Earth It’s so it keeps a way out of our cats and our planets because the middle of the planet doesn’t count as a planet Whoa! Factory! Factory! Factory! Factory! Hells yeah. Oh man. That is a factory. Oh no, not dangerous… [SHOCKED SCREAM] Hello there, dangerous machines. How’s it going tonight? Uh, uhm, uhm… Aaaa! UM! UM! I know it’s scary man I am like peeing all over the bowl here Not doing a very good job at aiming Oh! Hello there. Someone pressed the Blue Switch Palace. Well then…wher- Oh my God why…why do you want to destroy me there Cat Planet Cat Planet? I know you’re floating, but that doesn’t explain your rotodiscs there. Hello there little buddy, how’s it going? Up there’s a thing? A thing?? Really? A THING? There’s a thing?! Gonna go get the thing but man, the… DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Gotta fly Oh, Jesus Chrysler FM DM AM Uhhhhhh~ DMY!!! Oh no. I’m dead, but I have resuscitated right there. DMY!!! Again, I cannot go high enough or fast enough, so I’m just gonna panic here instead!~ That sounds like a good plan. Can I, like, futter in between? That’s a question that I can ask myself But you know, I could but will I? That is the real question… Yeah it looks like you can, sort of… YEEEEEEEE! Escape! Are you thing? Switch room!? Why are you giving… IT’S A SWEE SWITCH PALACE! The BLUE switch palace! Why you panicking little cat?~ So it’s the Reverse Switch Palace. This is why in Super Mario World… All the switch blocks are always empty again It’s because of an angel… CAT PLANET!~ Wow, That still exists. Whoa! WHOA! Whoa! Angel confettis for all! Okay, that’s enough mass murder. Watch out for the chairs! They’re going to… STINKYCHOOPACHOO! You’re gonna stinky and chip achoo. So you know, you got to watch out. So I’m safe not there… It’s pretty great. I’m safe absolutely nowhere… It’s pretty great, okay So, I wanna be higher up in here to be safe and go there and crash that is a… a lot of Cat Planet Cat Planet planning it up with the cats, yo. Hello there, wall. Why do you want to kill me like that? What did I do to you? This factory actually doesn’t actually manufacture anything? It’s basically the Cat Planet’s needed more Cat Planets, and they figured that…well you see I just asked the worker guy there, and he also doesn’t know. Oh! You speak in Braille. Oh my God. I’m not going there… It’s kind of too scary. I’m going that-wards!! Yeaaah! Oh my God. We’re back in Lava Town. There’s a Podoboo… Podoboo-hoo!~ Whoa, podoboos… they do not like little angel girls, and that is sad I’m gonna see the Cat Planet Cat Planet LAVALAVALAVALAVA! Oh man someone speaks my language. Oh my God, firebar… Firebar? Why would a cat to go to the bar? Cats don’t drink, they drink milk. Ohhhhh! It’s pretty hot! Too hot for minors. Y’all should go away. Y-y-you, It’s dangerous to be exposed to hotness when mining for ore-il… the mixture of ore and oil. Okay so lava… doesn’t cooperate very well with angels as I am demonstrating with… I get the feeling I’m supposed to get back here or something… I dunno, man! Are you-gugugu? UH! This is kind of difficult actually Cat Planet Cat Planet Okay, so I’m gonna die here it’s pretty great. Okay. See, see this? Gunna die. Cause it’s pretty great. Okay so that’s enough dying there. It’s pretty great. Y-gehudududu. No! No!! I’m not even trying or something, geez. It’s like…It’s like look at that lava. See that lava? I’m gonna jump right in that lava. Yeeegh! E-e-e-e. You need to do something like that like, I can…I can tell it’s doable, but man it’s It’s difficult! Then you go like… Woooooh! Wooh. See that’s what you need to do, you need to panic… But calmly, you got a calmly panic not ram your face in the middle of a dirt clod if possible That’s not how you mode along okay, so [Intense flying noises] Yeegh! Yes! Angel lady women guy! We have made it, assuming you don’t burn yourself here. Which you haven’t. Oh look at that It’s Cat Planet Cat Planet Cat oh, you too? You too what? I do not ask a question previously To what you would answer that to me? Why is there a fire windmill? Where’s don quixote when you need him with his big ol’ misplaced x. See he is a master of the x and telling a squire not to eat anything Ah-dadadada No? No. No. No. No. No. No. Wait. Wait. Lava, why must you be such a harmful creature Lava Man? Lava Rama Lava rama Whoa! Mystery of the the Amazon is now extinguished for all eternity. Cat Planet! Cat Pla-net Well, hello there Cat Planet Cat Planet, how’s it going? Hey there podoboos. Podoboo podoboos. You guys are dangerous. And you’re making a hole in your crust there to make a earth filled in the holes crust You’re gonna make the Lava escape see that big, Ol Lava wall there. That’s Lava Rolla Rama. That’s his name He’s very popular with the ladies right, Cat Planet Cat Planet? How’s it going? Oh man! I’m not a dude I have a dress that that’s like so confused you’re so crazy Cat Planet Cat Planet Okay, I’m gonna solve that mystery. Oh I’ve solved it so much I cram my face. I do not have 61 cats, I need to get more cats I gotta get’s more Cat Planet Cat Planet Where can I get more Cat Planet Cat Planet exciting jungle Planet Cat Cat Planet? Well let’s go over here then, see in the jungle it’s a jungle cause it’s green there’s thorns everywhere How do you feel about thorns Cat Pla- Oh! You’re hiding! Ohh…I’m sorry to have found you, then. I’m not gunna give you away!~ I’m gunna keep you alone! Hey there jungle hair! That’s funkotronics town USSRFMDR WHOA! You’re right, Cat Planet Cat Planet. I gotta calm down Keep it up in a turnstile baby. Okay, so where we going now then? I do not know. I’m gonna go over here! There’s a path that goes northward. Northward is up in Cat Planet Cat Planet Cat Planet But you got to watch out cause sometimes it’s confusing and you get your face mushed up into confettis. It’s not very comfortable. But you don’t need me to- It’s a jungle out there? And in here too… Okay. So now where did I go that I not go yet? Uh… Maybe back at the factoro? Think so cause I need to get 61 cats before I go in the underworld. Forgot where I went and where I did not it’s it’s a confusing world in the Cat Planet Cat Planet town then go here Oh, I didn’t speak to you. He was- Oh, hey there! I just exploded right in your back I hope you don’t mind too much. Oh hello there buddies! Planet of the Cats Or would you rather say? Cat Planet Cat Planet? Oh man. I wouldn’t believe that with a Saucepan. I think I need to return in the factoro. I might have missed some things in the factora How’s it spelled again? Factor-i? I think that is with an “I” at the end or two “E”‘s are many ways to make an “E” sound in grammar form None of which includes the letter “H” it’s the lonelyest of a planet because it’s fame like a share… Hey there Cat Factory Bobs! Where did I not go here I guess I never went down here down here! Down here is where I’m gonna go! Hey hey! Hey there buddies. How does it do? It’s Cat Pla-net!

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