Cave-In-Rock State Park

(suspenseful music) as much as we encourage visitation at
the Cave-In-Rock State Park in the early to mid 1800s it was a much more sketchy
proposition the cave at the park which is 50 foot tall 40 foot wide and 120
foot deep was great shelter for notorious gangs such as the Mason gang
who were the olden day pirates that preyed on the people that traveled the
river whether they were selling goods or they were just getting to and from where
they needed to go nowadays we have some much more tame experiences at the Cave-In- Rock State Park for you to enjoy we have a restaurant which serves food a buffet style also off a menu
style we have cabins where you can sit on the
deck and overlook the Ohio River we have a campground you can enjoy which has
electric hookups and primitive camping that you can enjoy if you’re not looking
for a more modern experience we have hiking trails and then we also have a
river walk which goes around the edge of the river and you can enjoy the river
anytime you’d like (suspenseful music)

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