Challenging trekking and scenery. A travel video. Asia’s largest monolithic hill! Savandurga

Hi guys, this is Sheejith, welcome to a new video from MMC EXPLORERS. Karnataka, you can never get enough of it with such scenic
and beautiful places, one of them being Savandurga. Savandurga is a monolithic Hill
considered to be one of the largest in Asia. Savandurga is located about 60
kilometer west of Bengaluru, off Magdi road, in Ramnagar district, Karnataka. Savandurga is formed by two hills
locally known as Kari Gudda and Bili Gudda, in Kannada, which means Black Hill and
White Hill. This place is generally frequented by
pilgrims who come to visit Savandiveerabhadreshwaraswami and Narasimha Swamy
temple which is at the foothills. Now we are at Savandurga and we have just dropped in to this hotel to have some breakfast. This is 10 o’ clock now. We have ordered for some idlis. The idlis look really nice and yummy, the food is good. This is the family who you know served is food here, he runs a hotel here called Priyadarshini, you have to visit this place the food is
wonderful and the people are very nice! This used to be the secondary capital of
Magadi ruler Kempe Gowda. later Mysuru occupy this place and then
Tipu Sultan captured it and in 1791 Lord Cornwallis capture this place in
the third anglo-mysore war from Tipu Sultan. Robert Holme,
a British oil painter during this time call this place ‘Savina Durga’ which meant
fort of death. How the hill got its name Savandurga,
well there are many views on this. In early 1340 AD this hill was called as
Savandi during Hoysala Bhallala III from Madabalu. Another view is that the
name was originated from ‘Samanthadurga’ a name attributed to Samantharaya
a governor under Achutharaya in Magadi. My name is NK Sahu and she is Harsha Sahu, this is the most beautiful place hills and rock climbing is fantastic, it’s a very nice place for adventure like
rock climbing. He is a Abhishek, he has been a very
good help for us, he sells juices and all that as we climb up you will tend to
feel thirsty and he’ll come as ‘God’ to help us with juices. Also he has been a good guide, he actually explained about the whole area. The hill is surrounded by state forest and is home for many endangered creatures, plants, shrubs and trees. Another important thing to remember is to follow the instructions given by the
forest guards and the locals, as they would instruct you there is an electric
line which runs from the foothill till the top, which will guide you during your
trekking, also there are arrow marks painted on the rock by the locals to
guide trekkers.It is highly recommended that you follow these instructions else you could be in trouble. You can see these arrow marks here which is basically
marked on the rock, if you follow this and climb up and
same way climb down you’re gonna be safe this is what even the forest guard
out there had to say about it, so better be safe than sorry. This hill has a height of about 1226
meters above mean sea level which is quite a height for trekking. basically I’m climbing the hill now
almost at the top, we can see there, let’s see how it goes. And some parts of the hill are quite
slippery at times so better be careful. While trekking if you’re wearing a pair
of sturdy footwear, then it is fine else it is better not to wear any footwear as it
gives you that extra grip on the rock and it instantly builds the confidence in you. Well I did the same. The only thing is, you know it’s a little steep, we both are
panting for breath you can see Shijoy also. Now I will turn the camera just to show you the view from here, it is fantastic! See you again in the next video, until
then this is Sheejith signing off.


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