Ciara Is Celebrated By Winnie Harlow For Being A Rock Star! | Black Girls Rock 2019

– Our next honoree
is a GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter,
producer, and philanthropist. Whose incredible dance moves
and biceps inspired me to do
3 1/2 pushups today. [laughter] In addition to selling over
23 million records worldwide, she’s a fashion staple
and a rising beauty icon. Please join me in celebrating
this year’s rock star, ♪ Ciara! ♪ [cheers and applause] [intense hip-hop music] ♪ ♪ – My journey,
for me, happened, I kind of say,
the nontraditional way. I wasn’t trained
to do what I was doing, but I had a gift to do it, and, you know, right after
I graduated from high school, it was, boom,
your big performance, your first moment,
is really happening on the stage
of “106 & Park.” ♪ I bet you want the goodies ♪ ♪ Bet you thought about it ♪ Now I sit here 15 years later
from my first album, “Goodies,” and I just believe
in the power of manifestation. [uplifting music] There’s been many challenges. For so long, I had been
frustrated at different times because I felt like
I was creatively handcuffed. I was in a place
where I was like, I didn’t want
to have to keep waiting for people to make
decisions for me. A big part of that was me
creating my own entertainment company,
Beauty Marks Entertainment, and the first song I put out under my label imprint
was “Level Up.” ♪ Level up,
level up ♪ ♪ Level up,
level up, level up ♪ I was told that the song
wasn’t gonna work, you know, and I think if I would have
listened to those people, I just wouldn’t be sitting
here today talking about it. And it has also showed me
the power of faith. It showed me the power
of my fans, the power of me building
my own platform and understand that
the power of my success is really within me. and now
“Level Up” is platinum, so…
[laughs] God is good. ♪ Elevate your level ♪ All it takes
is one person to believe and that person is you and I want for every girl
in this world to know that. Hey, y’all, I’m Ciara, and I am a black girl
who rocks. Chi! [laughs]
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[cheers and applause]


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