Classical Musicians React: BTS V ‘Scenery’

Elizabeth: this like *sings*
Owen: *repeats the melody* Elizabeth: Yeah, if you descend by like small intervals, a lot of composers have used that as sort of a *sigh* motif in sad music Owen: mhm oh yeah Daniel: BTS v…? …Scenery?
Umu: PFFFT D: Taehyung?
Umu: #musicianproblems that’s a v
Fiona: Ohhhh
(in music v represents the 5 chord) Daniel: Yeah, I literally was like: 5!?!
Fiona: I thought everything was 5 Daniel: That’s like the most harmonically intense chord. that’s a way to sell yourself! you’re like, I’m the most intense>;) Umu: Oh my god
D: sorry Umu: So now you’re reacting to V, also known as Taehyung from BTS. Scenery is a song that was written arranged and composed by V himself that he dropped kind of out of the blue in early 2019 Scenery describes the nostalgic experience of walking through multiple places longing for another whether it be a person, place or emotion and Contemplating the past in future Henry: walking through different places and think- okay. So here’s what immediately what i’m thinking
Cloud: wait he composed this himself? Umu: Yes
Cloud: That’s very cool Henry: Nostalgic piano definitely gonna have some strings in there. I expect different like literally different scenes, but also I hope that reflects
Cloud: Did you say like a forest? Cloud: Did you say walking through Different scenery or just Henry: well, it’s called Scenery Umu: *enunciates intensely* Walking in multiple places. Henry: exactly Isaac: ~~~~SCENERYYYYYYY~~~ By ~~~~~V~~~~~
Kevin: 3 2 1 go Fiona: We should cry It sounds like we’re outside. (D: yeah) there’s the cowbell Or a pan, Daniel: I think that I think those are wind chimes not a cowbell, Fiona: yeeehaw Daniel: Okay, sorry, there’s a piano intro
Fiona: it’s like a modern sounding reverb on an old-timey sounding piano Kevin: All right walking bass sort of whole step half step diatonic Owen: And it really gives that feeling of like It’s it’s so much sadder because the bass descends too, in the piano… (E:yeah) like a long line You feel it falling down even if it goes up and down but like the general mood is if it was stock market falling into the abyss (omg) Daniel: I love I mean I’m reading like the English translation, but right when it says the light reflected by the moon it’s you literally hear like something that’s like up in a high register and it’s just like Twinkling, you know Henry: Oh Beautiful Cloud: I like want it to go into a waltz
Henry: It switched into triple. Yeah Cloud: But it’s not quite there
Henry: it’s like a Vietnamese waltz bum bummm bum it kinda is Cloud: It’s like getting more into it but then it like pauses Henry: but it’s kind of that like old-school like that nostalgic dance thing you know when someone winds up a music box and-
Cloud: Hear that instrumentation change? Henry: I do I do it’s thickening a bit… more birdflaps Cloud: yeah it’s getting a little bit more synthesized Henry: No, that’s not bird flaps. That’s like that’s the Camera one. Yeah, this is the shutter Nick: is that a little camera flash…I think?
Aron: the piano part reminds me of something I like the piano part
Nick: the piano part is gorgeous (A: although) and the melody is so nice too Aron: I feel like this is like it’s hard to go music theory like basic Sonata form because I feel like we just went to like a V. Kevin: Whoa the time got a little Yeah, the time is it delays a little bit that’s interesting oh Isaac: *singing along* Henry: Oh there’s string- this there’s the cello!!!!!
Cloud: THERE’S THE STRINGS henry: YES Sorry Big dominant- big dominant, big five here It’s a little louder. A bit more energy. Elizabeth: This like *sings*
Owen: *sings the same melody* Elizabeth: Yeah, like like if you descend by like small intervals Like a lot of composers have used that as sort of a sai motif in sai music Owen: and because it’s it’s like da da Da right? It’s not ap- it’s approaching that Resolution (E: yeah) but it keeps almost getting there And almost getting there and then still never reaching that yeah final resting place Cloud: oooo Nick: Oh Nick: It’s a pun with wonder and wander, isn’t it? Oh my god, I can read english! Fiona: I think the meter makes it sound more optimistic.
Daniel: Hmm Isaac: bum Kevin: the- oh it’s not done.
Isaac: I thought it was done pull a Schubert. Kevin: Yeah, there’s always there’s always a final thought you know Cloud: That’s like the first like that’s the lowest note that we’ve gotten so far Elizabeth: awww That was pretty
Henry: it was really pretty yeah.
Elizabeth: Yeah. Owen: yeah Did you hear that overtone at the end? (no) There’s like I think it was a #11 overtone Like there’s a really tiny if you listen super closely to this really high pitch ring at the very end. It’s like nyaaa It’s cool Kevin: this song feels like a nice stroll through snowed in town in undertale Because a lot of the higher piano ranges remind me of snowed in town from undertale Isaac: du du dan bum bum I would encourage you to look at waltzes because it’s it’s very pleasant watching them. Just one two, three, one two I: Film the feet!!!
K: aww, I can’t Kevin: No, no, we don’t
Isaac: yes. I’d be the male So I take the left foot forward, bring the right foot forward, to the right to thw diagonal then so it’s It’s one two three
Kevin: Isaac! gotta be a better teacher. Isaac: So you join your feet after and the thing is what’s interesting is the bobbing of the body And so you have one two three, so you bend your knees and it’s once you that Move into your body and then You put in some music because in music you kind of have that same feeling but not so much on a 3d Plane of your body itself. Maybe you have it planned out in your head but having this just dip it’s very It kind of goes into the whole peaks and valleys kind of Emotional rollercoaster Yeah, it’s like we talked I think we talked about this Acoustic piano, maybe you have in your house that you haven’t touched in a while and it probably goes out of tune but it reverberates quite I guess quite loudly having that kind of brings you back because a lot of people have pianos so having that nostalgia of just remembering your family and then you have this breathy vocalist. IT was interesting was more breathy than usual and having that just push out it seems very light and delicate the musical decisions that were made were very supporting of that Nick: I thought it was really personal And I think
Aron: it sounded like that
Nick: It’s what he was going for Aron: but I don’t know-would you- do listen to sad music in your free time? Nick: Oh, yeah No, I need to cry this is like the type of stuff that I listen to Aron: like when you listen to like Mahler six It’s like (that’s a different breed) kind of sad But it’s like not sad because I’m so into it and maybe that’s just I’m just not like a feelsy person But I guess someone who felt in their feelings All the time and emotions would really connect with someone or this song So I think that that’s where it’s like a very effective Fiona; it was nice it was pretty (d: yeah) it’s beautiful Daniel: because yeah, as I said it sounds like it’s just he’s just kind of giving this monologue like the music is just like The channel for the words instead of like other way around, you know because there’s always like priority and like vocal music where you know, Sometimes the text serves the music or the music serves the text and it seems like in this case the music serves the text But it’s like formatted in a way where there’s so many like gaps where like he’s doing like this vocal ease, you know Like oh and then other times we’re like, he’s not even in the picture his voices and in the picture anymore And I think those silences make it sound like musical scenery not he’s not really being at the forefront right now Yeah, it’s a beautiful and intimate Fiona: intimate mood Daniel: Yeah, okay mood like yeah, it’s a beautiful portrait Cloud: I do like in songs when they like sample things from like the environment or whatever like that was a big thing that took
Henry: sounds in general or like specifically nature Cloud: specifically nature I think
Henry: or human sounds? Cloud: yeah,
Henry: like the camera chick Cloud: like when I started song it starts with like I’ve got a couple that start with like almost cafe background noise we hear People talking like yeah, it’s just clattering and then it goes into like a swing beat or whatever I think that’s very cool when people can do that and like where it sounds really nice and fitting so having like camera shutter and
Henry: especially within space because when they popped up the music wasn’t Overbearing they they left enough silence for that to stand out and you notice and you’re like, oh yeah pictures memories nostalgia scenery… Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky) Cloud: my photo album! flippin’ through
Henry: ba buuu bababaaaaa The the breathiness was I thought, Idiomatic cuz he sings a lot in his falsetto, which is super charming. He did such a good so charming Like little macaroons But then he matched his macaroon
Cloud: The Macaroons Henry: he matched his lower register to with that breathiness so it didn’t sound like it was shifting too much of a Let’s say like an emotional tone. I thought it was a I thought it was a fine choice Nick: It’s so nice it’s so beautiful. You’ve got that Aron: We should talk like this into the mic This is J💚SMR Nick: It’s so nice…. it’s so beautiful
Aron: EWWW
Umu: StaHP


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