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The CAPLA community has been a very
welcoming community as well as a very diverse one. It’s a very great program, be
prepared to work very hard, but it’s very rewarding. After you graduate you will
have some amazing products to include in your portfolio. It has given me a
tremendous opportunity to learn and to grow and to find out that I was so much
stronger than I thought I was going in. Architecture is an amazing challenge but
we do everything from structures courses where I get to apply the math skills
that I love using, we learn how to use the materials fabrication lab to really
doing hands-on work which was amazing and I love seeing a physical end product
and being able to show my friends and family and see my work really manifest.
If you come in and have something that you’re really really interested in say
you know digital fabrication or design-build or whatever it may be that
you then find a way to apply that to as many of your courses as possible so that
you’re constantly working on this idea of getting to perfect your skills. The materials lab, we didn’t use it as much in the beginning but then once you get kind of
thrown into your work anything you want to make is possible between cement like 3d fabrication, we do a lot of our structures tests there
where you actually break what you’ve made which is awesome just seeing how
much it can handle and everything is really relevant. One of the great things
about CAPLA is the ability to have an interdisciplinary relationship
with other students for example this last studio I was in, we had planners and
architects in the studio so we’re able to work with other professions and learn
about their design process and learn about the things that they consider when
they start working on a project so that’s a really valuable experience
because in the real world that is how you will be working. We’re very close and
we bounce ideas off of each other and you learn a lot about each other because
you spend so much time together and you learn each other’s design processes and
how you’re thinking, how they’re thinking, you grow as a team.
The biggest takeaway of the program is everything you don’t know. You go into a
program I have an industrial engineering degree and you really feel like you know
a lot but at the end of the day you don’t know anything so it’s a whole
learning process to this you learn financials you learn the business it’s
just an amazing experience. The culture kind of goes beyond just the students,
and the faculty are extremely supportive of the students and from my experience
not only are they willing to help students academically inside the
classroom to make sure that they excel and succeed but they also take a great
interest in trying to ensure that students feel prepared for their
professional careers and also provide professional guidance so trying to talk
out do you want to pursue a ph.d program do you want to go into the
public or private sector so some of the relationships that you’ve developed with
the faculty there I think are invaluable. Get to know CAPLA early on, take your
time do a little digging meet with faculty, meet with administration, find
your niche because there’s a lot of opportunity that you won’t know at the
beginning. There’s lots of programs to get invested in and to kind of lead your
new thinking and perspective throughout your studies and also just to open up
your mind a little bit to opportunities and direction
for your professional life. I think that’s what the School of Architecture
is about, it’s kind of getting you prepared so that you can find your own
language, it’s not training you to become a certain architect but to become the
architect that you desire to be or even the design professional in general
because not everyone who I know is graduating want to pursue their license
some want to design stages, some want to go into graphic design and so on and so
forth so I think that’s what the program is about.

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