Crystal Maze Contestant Gets Stuck on Planet

Okay Let’s redeem ourselves Here okay Haleyss oh you can do this. That’s right if you touch the floor… aka the infinite void of space Pretend it’s like the playground at school But it’s the floor. You are locked in. Now try to get a swing on it. Swing and grab it. How far we’ve come from the confidence at the beginning of this show. 30 seconds gone. Okay try getting It swinging in the other direction. Lingering there on the purple planet. Can you swing It towards the green one? I can’t get that much purchase on it. You can do it! What about using your feet there rob. Just just yeah use use those things, step over. Just don’t die on us don’t fall into the void Okay mike don’t literalise this metaphor into an actual death situation. One minute gone. Just go for it. Yeah but I don’t wanna. I can’t touch the floor. Is it possible that he is afraid of planets? It is. Okay alright. Come on Rob! How long have we got left? One minute thirty five. We need to either go for it or get back, one ore the other. Yeah lets get back. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to get back afterwards. Two wildly different approaches there. Well that was a short journey into the solar system. It’s not over yet. No, no don’t get locked in. One minute left. This is, this is becoming substantial. My goodness. Well, he’s on the red planet. Come on, you’ve seen it. Rob! Rob! Stop spinning around! You can’t just tell him to stop spinning like its disobeying you. Stop spinning on the red… 30 seconds. 30 seconds Rob. Think of my beard Rob! Don’t make me shave your captain. He’s going around the rings. That is a lock-in. You alright? Are you alright Rob? He has really spun himself into a tizz.


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