Daytime Fireworks in 4k Slow Mo

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. And welcome to the final episode
of “Planet Slow Mo.” I feel like it’d be a crime
if we didn’t go out with a bang. Well, how about multi-colored
bangs? – I like it.
– Yeah. Strong. Today, we’re
in Bastrop, Texas. Yeah, we thought we’d have
a celebratory episode after being bombarded
by some online video. Something called
daytime fireworks. Just looks like giant plumes
of colored powder shooting up. So, essentially
what’s happened is someone’s seen our airbag
powder paint videoand thought that looks amazing.Let’s copy it
and make it better.
Yeah, that’s how it happened.
They copied us. – Yeah.
– Now, the video we saw was at a speed that was
enjoyable by the human eye but we’re shooting ours
in super slow-mo. So, we’re gonna set ours off
much much faster. I’ll show you
what we mean. Daniel, explain to us
how on Earth this works. This is a firework cake. And each cake is full
of tubes. And each tube has one
of these little wads in. And now there’s
a little charge
underneath the wad. On top of the wad is
our colored powder. When we initiate it,
it fires the wad up and the powder comes out
about 140 miles an hour. Each one has 25
individual tubes. And we have 60 of them. That’s a total
of 1500 individual tubes. And they’re all gonna go off
in less than half a second. Might be kinda tricky to do it with a little
lit fuse here running along
with a lighter. So we’re gonna do it
electronically with these and a little sort of radio
controlled thing. I think we should set up
the Phantom. Yep. Well, here we are. We’re stood in front
of the entire 40 yard run. We’ve been told
that to propel the paint up there’s actually six or so feet
of just white smoke. So in order
to see the color, we’ve gone pretty wide
on the shot. Look at that head room.
( laughs ) Not often you need that much
head room for one of these. Are you gonna try a jump? I’m gonna do a little jump. I’m not sure
how good it’s gonna be. – I might be distracted, but–
– Okay. – Yeah.
– I might just do a cool pose. – All right.
– Like, I can’t do that. I don’t know
how a cool pose looks. So I’ll just–
I’ll figure it out. We know this already.
Are you ready? – Yes.
– You got your pose ready? – Yep.
– Okay. Everyone ready? Man: Ready. Three, two, one, fire. Bugger! That is amazing! I love how many explosions
there were in the air. It was like three, two, one.
I went like this… Nothing happened.
I came back down, they went off
and I went… I knew that
that was gonna happen. So I waited.
I was like… – Did you feel the heat from it?
– Yeah! I was like I feel like
my legs were singed almost
but they weren’t. – I’m fine.
– That was mental. That was wicked. – Listen to that.
– Oh, that one didn’t go off. – I’d stay away from that.
– Neither did these. Oh, the blues
didn’t go off either. – Ugh!
– All right. – Okay.
– Well I think we’ve got enough
for one more run. – Okay.
– But first, let’s have a look
at the footage. Okay, so it’s clear
that some didn’t go off. Thankfully our high speed
footage can tell us exactly
what happened there.Okay, so, it was meant to start
this end with the yellow.
But the ones right behind me
decided to go off.
These are going off.You know that smoke is a
lot higher than six feet.
– Dan:That’s huge.
– Gav:We might need to adjust
our second angle.
Dan:That looks so cool.
Look at that.
Gav:And we got no blue
And blue’s my favorite color.So we have to do it again.Dan:Oh, no.All right, how about this?
Instead of just standing
in place or jumping, why don’t we just peg it? – Just run.
– Absolutely leg it. Well that’ll be really cool
’cause it’ll show us exactly how quickly
it’s going up. – ‘Cause we’ll probably
not be moving.
– Yeah. – You ready to run?
– Yep. Okay, so we’re gonna
have a delay. So, it should–
we should be ahead of it – and then it will overtake us.
You ready?
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Let’s do it.
Okay, we’re ready. Yeah. Go! ( screaming ) – Duck.
– Whoa! – Ooh!
– Whoa! Gav: Dan. Dan: Chill out. – That was warm.
– That was warm. Did they all go off?
These ones didn’t. Oh, all these did,
though. Look. Oh, that’s sweet. – You hear the sizzle.
– Yeah. Oh, that’s a nice sound. Those didn’t go off. It’s weird ’cause the fuses
must not go off
on some of them. All of these went off
so it’s just
the ones at the end that didn’t go off. – That was pretty scary.
– Let’s get a look at that
footage. Where were we do you think
when it caught up? I think we were quite far,
actually. I reckon I wanna say
about here. – ( laughs )
– Hang on. I wanna say
like we were here. – You could feel the wave
of heat rush past.
– Yeah. – It was quite nice actually.
– I think I was just screaming
the whole time. How expensive would it be
to have that as, oh, I’m feeling
a bit chilly. – Very expensive.
– Should we sell some of these? Okay, let’s play it.
Look at us sort of small
down there. Teensy. – Gav:Booking it.
Nicely separated.

– Dan:Yeah.I feel like a lot of the time
when we’re doing stuff
like this,
we always cover each other up.
So give it some–
give it a bit of distance,
a gap there.
( music playing )It went pretty quickly,
I thought we were further ahead
than that.
Wow! Look at that.That’s wicked.Oh, I was right,
it was about the blue.
Gav:Oh, yeah.I like all these little
flayed out bits.
Madness.These are cool.What a surreal looking shot.Look at those colors.
That’s wicked.
It’s kind of weird
how the green color
like they have the explosions
still in the air.
Instead of a big sort
of rainbow mushroom cloud,
it looks like
a rainbow volcano.
Dan:Yeah, with like lava
coming out now.
Gav:Look at that!
The green is very sparky.
Dan:Yeah, the green one is more
like an evening firework.
Gav:This wide is just
bloody amazing.
It looks like the Muppets
dropped a nuke.
( laughs )That is the prettiest cloud
I’ve ever seen.
Dan:It looks like velvet.Gav:Oh, that’s wonderful.That was really exhilarating
to run next to. You’re telling me. I was slightly closer
than you were. I was like have I got some
singed leg hairs here? – Yeah.
– No, I think I’m all right. Wouldn’t wanna
be any closer. Probably not. Well, that is the smell
of success I think. Carnage, I would say. That was such
an insane moment in time. – It was wicked.
– Like when all the cloud was
together in the air. So it only lasted
a few seconds – and then it blows away.
– It looked like– – Oh, we should probably
put that out.
– Oh, goodness. This is fully on fire. – Give it a little squirt.
– Oh! I think we’re good. Well, I thought that was
a lovely fitting end
to “Planet Slow Mo.” We ended up back in Texas
where we started. That was insanely colorful. Hopefully you enjoyed
the series. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo guys and check out all
the previous episodes. What we made. Should we go and clear up
that massive mess? – Yeah, all right,
probably should.
– I’ll get a rake.


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