Democratic Order of Planets | Futurama

The Death Zone, the Zone of No Return, and
the Forbidden Zone; all the Zones have names like that in the Galaxy of Terror. For the universe itself is one of endless
peril, overflowing with brain slugs, space whales, gargoyles, regular whales, moon worms,
hoverfish, bone vampires, and Al Gore. If civilization is ever to survive, it will
be through the high ideals of tolerance, courage, and common purpose, through the Democratic
Order of Planets or DOOP. But first, this investigation is sponsored
by Arachno Spores! If one of your new year’s resolutions is to
increase the number of Arachno Spores in your household, office, or loved one, use offer
code TEMPLIN to get 15% off your first purchase. Arachno Spores, the fatal spore, with the
funny name. The Democratic Order of Planets is an interstellar
federation consisting of hundreds of worlds across numerous galaxies. While not formally unified under any centralized
authority, member worlds enjoy a type of limited collective governance, defense treaties sanctioned
by the DOOP armed forces, and various humanitarian and alientarian agreements. This investigation is also sponsored by Molten
Boron. The first 500 people to use the secret offer
code in the description will get a free 30 day trial of Molten Boron, which nobody doesn’t
like. The armed forces of the Democratic Order of
Planets consist of two major branches, the DOOP Navy and DOOP Army. Each force is strictly voluntary, with citizens
able to join and resign at will, except during times of war. As a sign of DOOPs utmost respect for its
fighting men, women, and children in uniform, every member of the armed services is bestowed
with a 5% discount at every Earthican store. No investigation into alternate worlds is
complete without Lightspeed Brand Briefs. Lightspeed fits today’s active lifestyle
whether you’re on the job or having fun. Lightspeed Briefs. Style and comfort for the discriminating crotch. *sigh* DOOP military forces, under the command of legendary 25 Star General, the Man With No Name Zapp
Brannigan, preferred to attack weak, undeveloped, or defenseless targets. Even so, during the campaigns against the
pacifists of the Ghandi Nebula, the weak and womanlike Spiderians, and in particular, the
killbots of the Octillian System, DOOP forces suffered heavy losses. The Nimbus, flagship of the DOOP fleet, represented
the greatest concentration of firepower resultant from a sustained runaway military budget. Reading scripts can be tough. That’s why I prescribe a healthy diet of
Slurm! With its refreshing and highly addictive properties,
Slurm is the only soft drink I trust to keep my voice sounding worm fresh. You can win a chance to party with Slurms
McKenzie, the original party worm, by leaving a comment on this video with your favorite
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Slurm, New Slurm, Diet Slurm, Slurm Loco, or Slurm Slim. Whammy whamm whamm wazzle! Let’s party. No purchase necessary unless you wish to enter
the contest. Odds of winning mathematically insignificant. DOOPs 400 million dollar headquarters was
constructed above the Neutral Planet, but after a freak mishap during the opening ceremonies
of the station, it blew up. The headquarters was then moved back to Weehauken,
New Jersey on Earth. Impurities? In my Walrus Juice? It’s more likely than you think. Extreme Walrus Juice is the only Walrus Juice,
ok forget it I’m done. This is getting obnoxious. It used to be about the alternate worlds man,
I don’t even know what we’re doing anymore. We sold out.


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