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DISNEY PLANET REMAKE Let’s give Auradon a little taste of evil. Evil under skin delicious, whoever touches
shall be malicious! Mal, Mal, Mal! -For radio!
-For television! For “Disney Planet News”! Mal, the royal ball
is in only three days. What does it feel like to be
the most envied girl in Auradon? Do you know if there will be
another season of “Soy Luna”? Can you give us
some “Bia” spoilers? They called Facundo Gambandé
this time, didn’t they? Okay, okay, let’s see. That’s all. Shoo, shoo, shoo! This is a school.
If you’re here and you’re not students,
you have to go! One more question!
Just one more question! So rude! Who does that prince
think he is? Okay, Evie.
Stop, I can’t breathe! Well, you can breathe
after the dance. -Here.
-Thanks. Have you wondered
what we’d be doing now on the island? No. I just came back
from the Disney Parks and Disney Island. The royal couple continued
its journey throughout the kingdom
and had dinner with Aladdin and Jasmine. Six months ago,
nobody believed King Ben and Mal, his girlfriend
from the wrong side of the kingdom,
would stay together. Mal must be counting the days
till the royal ball, when she’ll officially become
a lady of the court. Mal. Don’t forget what I was like
before using this book of spells. I don’t know.
I was much better. I used to act in “Violetta”. I acted in “Soy Luna”.
I had a good, Italian boyfriend. -Yeah.
-And now? With Ben… I do what I can. I can tell. Don’t you miss doing
what you want without following rules? Stealing, lying and shouting? Yes. Cheating, fighting, pushing? That, too! Chewing gum like this? And watch how this touches you,
just watch, just watch… That’s annoying! Then, you don’t miss it. Yes, I do. -Impostor!
-Cheater! -Gossip!
-Traitor! -So rude!
-Arrogant! Inconsiderate! I ran out of ideas. Great, I win. I’d love to wipe
that smile off their faces. That traitor. That arrogant little witch
who left here and left us with nothing! Does she think we’re going
to live off her leftovers? Hook’s son?
Gaston’s son? And me, above all? Ursula’s daughter? What’s my name? Nikki! What is my name? Nicole! What is my name? DeeDee? -My name.
-Socorro? No, no, no! We don’t have the budget
to keep singing, so let’s drop it here.
-I’ll zip it. Fine. Would you like spaghetti again? Yes, please! Do you like them? This is the best thing
I ever tried. I love it! Ravioli, gnocchi, spaghetti. So many types of pasta! How long did it take you? Three months? -You don’t want to know.
-No. But all the work you’ve done
for me means a lot. Especially after all the madness
you’ve been through. I really missed you! We don’t have time
to be ourselves anymore. Come here. I know! Hey, do you have a napkin
or something? Yes, I packed some. What’s this? “Bia” spoilers? Spell for fast reading? Spell for having
lots of social media followers? Spell…
for winning at Challenge? -Fine.
-Are you serious, Cande? Yes. Cooking spell? I thought you had made
an effort, and worked for me! That you had adapted! This has all been
very tough for me, Ben! There are plenty
of tough things in life! Aside from these ravioli,
come on. Why? They’re
‘Al dente’. Do you think learning
to be a king is easy? Do you think
dressing up like this and playing many characters
is easy? Plus, I thought we
were doing this remake together. -We had four million views.
-Right on! Yeah! Ben, we are together! Then why
are you doing this to me? Because you think I’m one
of those stuck-up princesses! I’m not a lady of the court! This is all a lie to me, okay? It’s all a farce! All of it! It’s all fake!
Guys, even my hair is fake. Everything! This is fake, too! Here! Mal! I wanted to say you’re right.
Everything’s super fake. And your nose is stained, too. I’d better leave now. Sturdy little cart, over the water, we’ll depart. Come in! Ben? Evie! Ben… Five pounds of bread? I’m sorry. Mind your starches. It’s the shopping list. Mal left to the island. It’s my fault. It’s my fault, I ruined it. She was under too much pressure, and instead
of being considerate, I… ate all the noodles! And I started talking
about “Once”, I bored her! I have to beg her
to come back! I’ll go with you.
We can take the group along, so there’s more of us,
and it’ll be better that way. Because we get along better now. Yeah. Good idea! Did you make a face
I didn’t see? No. What’s this? Is it a… Give it a try. Forget about it. Go. -Thank you!
-Good luck! Thanks a lot! Not a single picture
from when I was in “Soy Luna”! That wasn’t nice of you… Mal. Listen, I don’t want to fight. It was all my fault. Come back to me. Ben, this is my home. -The limo’s out there.
-Ben, no… -It’ll be a nice ride.
-No. It doesn’t feel right over there. I really tried,
but I just couldn’t do it. And if you think
I’m going to change, you’re wrong. I brought you the ring
from the “Soy Luna” remake. Your people love you! Your followers love you,
I love you! Ruggero really loves you.
He’s on tour, but he’ll be back soon. and he misses you.
-Yeah. You’re the one
who doesn’t love me. Ben… You have to go. You’re making a mistake, Mal. Go. Well? Where’s Mal? She doesn’t want to come back. What? I’ll talk to her. Bad guys don’t cry, Ben! Okay, then give me some advice
on how to be a good bad guy. Hello? Mal, it’s Evie. More sales?
I said I’m not interested! I’m not interested! Hey, where’s Ben? He must have gone
to the bathroom. He had a lot of noodles
a while ago. -Sophia!
-Hey, Agus. There’s trouble.
Everything’s going wrong. -What happened? Tell me.
-Mal hung up on me. She won’t come back
to Auradon, and… And I’m really scared
of being criticized on social media. Agus, just relax. Don’t let rumors get to you. Plus, Agus, I love
your remakes. Maybe the next one
can be on “Zombies”? Yeah, totally! And one more thing. Ben is gone. You know what? Ask Harry.
He should know where he is. Great idea! Thanks, Sophia! Bye, Agus, good luck! Bye, see you next time! What did you do with Ben? Ben? We kidnapped him! Nana-nana-boo-boo! Tell Mal that if she
wants to see him, she has to visit Uma. Hey, he laughs
just like Maleficent! How are you? The loser’s here! Look, if you have a problem
with me, fine, but don’t drag Ben into this. If you win, Ben can go. Do you want to know
what happens if I win? Dream on. On the count of three! Wait, I have a question. I’m not sure if you’ll say,
“One, two, three,” and then, we’ll start,
or if it’s “One, two,” and we start on “three”. Don’t complicate it, princess. I will win.
And you’ll give me the wand. I’m counting to three,
and it’s on. Go ahead. One… two… four! I beat you! Do you want to see Ben? Bring the Fairy Godmother’s
magic wand to my ship at midday tomorrow. And if you talk, you can forget
about your boyfriend. You laugh just like my mother! Don’t interrupt me! Hey, kids! You’re here. Welcome! It’s time. Give me the wand! You give me Ben! All right, Harry. Let him go. Before you go,
tell your mom Gaston says hi. Fine. Oh, and there are
some fan messages. What do they say? -It won’t take my finger print.
-Darn it. Here’s one! Newslover 09 wants a kiss. Hi, Newslover 09!
Here’s a kiss! Thanks for the love! And also, Allison wants
you to say… -Yeah!
-Yeah! Just let him go! I missed you, little fringe! By the power of the ocean, the island barrier, knock them down! -No!
-No! Presenting, the future… Lady Mal! Flaunt it, honey. -What?
-I said ‘flaunt it’! -What?
-Flaunt it, come on! Oh, right! And now, for King Benjamin! Get closer. -Okay, that’s it.
-Fine. Let’s cut it out.
It’s tiring, you know? Yeah. Mal, I wish I had
the time to explain. I’m sorry,
it all happened so fast. Something very special
happened with Uma while I was at the island. There was, um, a connection. Get it? “Um, a connection!” Good one, huh? Yeah, I get it. -Good one.
-But Ben… You went back for her? That wasn’t necessary. I crossed the barrier
before it closed. Because I’m
a really good swimmer. I mean, I also do gymnastics, singing, dancing, all that. Yeah, she’s great! Tell them about the present
you’re going to give me! Right! Uma will join the court tonight
as my lady. Not now, Father! This is the present
I have for her. I’m taking the barrier down
for once and for all. Fairy Godmother,
take the barrier down! I won’t do such a thing! Respect your king! Obey! It’s a spell.
Uma must have found your book. Ben. You only have to look at me. Ben, look at me! No! You have to look at me!
Remember, you love me! Look at me, Ben! No, look at me, Ben! Look at me. Look at me. -Look at me.
-Look at me. Look at me! Let’s cut it out, please. Yeah, guys, let’s cut it out,
this is intense. -Eeny-meeny-miney-Moe?
-I love it. -Great.
-Eeny-meeny-miney-Moe! Eeny-meeny-miney-Moe,
catch a tiger by the toe. She wins. Of course! A kiss of true love
always works! A kiss of love?
They won’t defeat me! The world will know my name. Uma, no! Come on, Mal! Let’s end this
for once and for all! Mal! Uma! That’s enough, really! This isn’t the solution! We need to talk things through
and respect each other! It may not be easy,
but we need to have the courage to try! Uma! I know you want
what’s best for the island! Help me make a difference. What? You don’t think
that’s the end of the story, do you?

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