Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet Part 1 (PS2, Gamecube) The Earth

we’re looking up at outer space Wow little space creatures oh no they’re flying saucers broken
how will the little space creatures get home to the purple planet now don’t
worry nothing will help you get home to the purple planet
Oh Oh gracias but Dora how will we get to the purple
planet we don’t have a rocket ship we have to
find ISA the Iguana where are easier rocket ship who do we
ask for help when we don’t know which way to go he’s an a rocket ship are on
top of tall mountains well I know how to get to ESA’s rocket ship on top of salt
mountain first you have to cross turtle river then you have to get past the icky
sticky sand next you swing over crocodile Lake then you climb up to the
top of tall mountain and that’s how you’ll get to ISA and her rocket ship oh
and try to collect space gems along the way you’ll need them to make ESA’s
rocketship fly so remember River Sam Lake Sol mountain say it with me Lake
mountain we can jump on these mushrooms to bounce high in the air press the
action button jump on the mushroom Jim we need to collect those space gems to
make you’re right Dora there is something in
there I can get it for you press the action button to have me jump in and
search for you we can bounce on you you know how we can turtle River to
these ladies turtle we made across turtle we need something to pull pinky out of
the 50s and since we have anything that will help us pull pinky out of the sand
let’s check backpack press the action button to check backpack Dora needs something to pull zenki out
of the icky sticky sand be so broken hope Dora will think you out of the sand
yum-yum-yum-yum-yum then is you’re so good throw Dora out of the sand
will you help me actions button as many times as you can thank you for pulling
me out of the sand – yes always trying to swipe our stuff coming the late we can swing across crocodile lake on
spine well you help me swing across crocodile
Lake with some braids swinging your song
across the vines just like a monkey we mountain Hey the sticky shoes
tall mountain yum yum yum yum yum delicioso thanks for helping us find
something to climb a tall mountain the sticky shoes will help us fix the
mountain so we can climb it this is a sticky situation welcome everyone so you’ll be flying
into outer space stations make the rocket ship go you need at least five
sessions the blast-off the planet so whenever you see a spaceship try to
collect it remember just walk over a spaceships collected good luck guys I’ll
see you when you get back to earth Dora and Boots need to fly the rocket
ship through outer space to briefly well I know how to get to the purple planet
to get to the purple planet you have to unlock the big space door with 4-space
keys you’ll find the green key I’m the Green Planet yellow key on the yellow
planet and the red key on the red planet then you unlock the big space door and
that’s how you get to the purple planet oh and don’t forget to collect space
gems along the way you’ll need them to make the rocket ship fly so remember
green planet yellow planet blue planet space door


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