Drawing Landscape – Two Great Ideas

Hello my name is Paul Priestley welcome to my youtube channel Paul priestly art today we’re going to be looking at drawing and possibly painting outside, but to do that there are two things you need to know. Two things you need to take with you. One is something physical that you’re going to make and I’ll show you how to do that in a moment. The second thing is you’ve got to be able use your eyes, yes your eyes. You have really, really, really got to look. Come on let’s make a start. The first thing we need to do is make a viewfinder. Now this is a very simple thing. It’s just simply a piece of card on which I have drawn out a rectangle in the middle, in proportion. Well it’s actually A6 in size. I’ll give you the details in a moment. You can see them coming up on screen. We’re going to cut out the window with my steel rule and a Stanley knife, pushing that out as you can see here. It’s very simple. I’m now going to measure 1/3 up these two verticals. You’ll see why later on, and I’m going to do the same across as well, a third of the way across. The details you can see your on the screen. I’m simply then going to take a piece of green cord, it doesn’t matter what colour it is. I’m going to put them or stick them down where the thirds are. This creates a grid through your viewfinder which you can use to line up objects, horizons, verticals, large areas, that sort of thing. It’s the sort of thing that Renaissance artists used, Canaletto used it in his paintings. It’s a good idea to use a viewfinder. It just separates out all the detail that you want in your view. Okay we’ve just about got this complete, I’m now going to show you how to use it. Here we are in the beautiful landscape of Somerset in England. I brought with me my viewfinder. Now this is how you use it. Close one eye. It’s a good idea. You can hold, or move it quite close like this. Or, you can hold it much further away and move it around until you find the most interesting view. See how it works? Looking through the viewfinder isolates all the elements, so you can just view what is going to be in your picture. You can compose it really nicely. Now look at this. You see how I’ve got the dark shape in the small shape on the top right, it’s balanced with the larger shape on the left. It’s a similar sort of thing here. You see the tree looks much more balanced being to one side, rather bang in the middle of the picture. You see a nice foreground that we’ve created here. Look at this, you see that’s a nice image. I think that’s the one we’re going to use. Now we need to look at this. This is the second most important thing you need to understand, if you’re going to do a great drawing or a great painting. You’ve got to look for the tones. This is how we’re going to do it. We’re going to take the foreground and I’m going to take the darkest part I can find in the foreground. You can see I’ve listed it here. The darkest part in the middle ground is here, the darkest part in the back ground those trees you see, and the darkest part in the far distance. Notice how all those tones get lighter and yet they’re all dark tones. Let’s do the same with the light tones. Light tone in the foreground, light tone in the middle ground, light tone in the background and a light tone in the far distance. You’ll notice the same thing again, they gradually get lighter as they’re going to the distance. Now if you compare them together, as we can see here, you see great contrast in the foreground. The contrast gets less the further you go back into the distance. So if you look at the contrast between the two tones, light and dark in the far distance, not a great deal. So to summarize, everything gets lighter as it goes into the distance. If you look at the foreground the difference between dark and light is great and that gets narrower as we go into the middle ground, the background, and the far distance. The difference between lights and darks gets so much narrower. Remember that and your drawing’s will look brilliant. Thank you for watching. I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. If you have please give it a like and if you could subscribe to my channel, that would be wonderful. If you would like to help with the production of these videos then please subscribe to my patreon channel, where you can get lots of interesting rewards in return for your patronage. That will be wonderful. Thank you very much for your support Cheers


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