Earth (1930) movie

EARTH Written and directed by:
Aleksandr Dovzhenko Are you dying, Semion? Yes, I’m dying, Petro. Well, die then. Die, Semion. And after your
death let me know, where you are: in Paradise
or in Hell… …and how you’re doing. Fine, Petro. If possible,
I’ll give you notice. For 75 years he has plowed
the soil with oxen… That’s no small achievement! If I were a People’s Commissar,… …I’d given him the Order of
the Banner of Labor. There are no Orders for oxen,
grandfather. For what then? I could eat something. Live well, I’m dying. Pears he has liked. Go ahead, read on, friend!“…The kulak Belokon
sabotages our work,
hides the seeds and
kills the livestock…” I’m not giving it away!
I’d rather kill it…! Now, father, the kulaks are
finished. We’re getting machines as well. Vasili, I think, you’re
not right in the head… When we have the machines,
we’ll take their land away. I’m saying, you’re crazy… It will work without you.
You don’t have to go. The whole village is laughing already. It’s not the whole village that’s
laughing, father, just the kulaks and the stupid. You’re saying I’m stupid? Not stupid, father,
you just have grown old.Oh, the village Komsomol
is coming!
Then open the meeting! These filthy dogs,
splendid fellows! Father! I’m going! Semion, where are you now? Greetings, grandfather Petro! Grandfather Petro, greetings! Get lost,
devil’s brood! It’s moving! It’s moving! It’s moving! It has stopped! It has stopped! It’s moving! It has stopped! It has stopped! Write: premises are lacking for collective seeds and
livestock, but not wonderful buildings
for the kulaks… It’s moving! It has stopped! It has stopped! I hear! I hear! I hear! No water in the cooler. I hear! Comrade chairman! In the city they want to know,
if the tractor has arrived. Comrade chairman,
the tractor is standing still! The tractor has arrived,
the whole village witnessed it. The tractor can’t be standing
still. Go! Go on then! Go! It has been accomplished! The have brought it.
That’s the end. Grandfather Petro is right:
It has been accomplished! May we prosper with the machines! Now the kulaks can just mourn
their field borders! Beware, so your mother has nothing
to mourn about! We will see. We will see. It’s happening, Choma! Father! Throw away these crutches! Throw me up!
I’ll pay for it! Choma! Vasili has plowed the
field with the tractor! Vasili! Hey, Iwans! Hey, Stepans! Hey, Grizkas! Have you killed my Vasili? Choma, you? I’m asking you:
Have you killed Vasili? No, uncle, it wasn’t me. There is no God. And there are no priests either. I’m asking you… Just like Vasili died for
the new life, I’m asking you, to bury him
according to the new ways… Neither priests nor church servants
beyond the grave… It have to be our boys
and girls themselves… And they are to sing new songs
about the new life! Good, Uncle Opanas, we’ll bury
our Vasili ourselves. Without priests or church servants. And we’ll sing new songs
about the new life! Without a priest! Good,
if there’s no God… And if He exists after all? God, punish the sinners! Punish them, God! It’s my Earth!
I won’t give it up! Punish them! Where is the priest?He’s in there.
Damn the kolkhozy.
Vasili! Vasili! The deadly hate of the enemy
on poverty took Vasili away from you… Hey, you have-nots!
It’s me! Beat me up! I’d rather die,
than give myself up! With the iron horse
of Bolshevism Vasili destroyed thousand year old fields! I’ve killed him at night! At night, when everyone was sleeping! And he walked on the street… And danced! …with his hot blood he wrote the class enemy
the death sentence… And you, Uncle Opanas,
mustn’t grieve. Vasili’s fame will fly around
the entire world… …like our Bolshevist airplane above! THE END Original German subtitles: Anette Wagner-Müller
Custom English subtitles translated from German


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