Earth is Burning and run by Psychopaths. But, there’s Hope… | George Monbiot

There’s no aspect of our civilisation
that’s not threatened by Climate Change. I mean we’re already seeing its huge
impacts on the natural world. We’re seeing it in the forest fires
sweeping across southern Europe, South America, in Siberia even. The disappearance of the Arctic ice. And increasingly in many parts of the world, people not being able to grow crops,
soils drying out, unable to sustain the roots of those crops. This is going to come, closer
and closer to home. One of the great paradoxes
of Climate Change, is that it’s a rich what gets the pleasure, its the poor what bear the pain. But no one is immune from this. You can say two different things about
the global response to climate change: One is that the response of the nation-
states has been pathetic. but on the other hand you’ve got this
amazing mass movement of people, loads of people, especially young people. Who can see their futures being destroyed
in this way and are not putting up with it. Who are trying to stop the
entire destructive industry, which is literally putting a match to
our futures and just cooking us alive, in the global cauldron which
they’re turning the planet into. Climate Change isn’t an accident of the system
Climate Change is the product of the system. The key thing we need almost everywhere
is a change of government. We’re currently governed by a psychopathic class
who don’t share our interests. who in fact don’t seem to share
human interests in general. what appeared to be hopeless situations
actually you’re not hopeless at all. All you need to do is to
imagine a better future, and then put that imagination
into practice. Political failure is at heart a failure of imagination
it’s a failure to see what can be done, when very large numbers
of people mobilised, what can be done when, you don’t leave politics to the
politicians alone. And what we saw with
Corbyn’s near-miss and with Sanders’ near-miss for the
Democratic nomination, and both very nearly clinched it, we’ve had just an inkling of the
potential that could be unleashed. Double Down for principled reasons
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