Elizabeth’s PhD in Landscape History: Life as a UEA Postgraduate Research Student

My name is Elizabeth Stewart and my
research is in 3D virtual recreations of historic landscapes for spatial analysis. Landscapes change over time, they don’t exist as they used to be, so with the
help of digital technology we can now access those landscapes and gain better
insight into not only the landscapes themselves but the people who designed
them and the people who experienced them and I think that’s very important. There are
multiple interpretations for landscapes so through recreating these landscapes
and by amalgamating all those different interpretations, it really brings to life and
gives me a really good sense of what these landscapes actually were,
so when I actually recreate them that’s kind of a fascinating moment for me. My research is contributing to the wider
knowledge in my field but it’s also more than that, I think my research can be
adapted to different situations – heritage or outreach or teaching aids. It can be multi-purposed and I think being able to provide that to the wider public
is a strong motivator I think.

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