Enchanted Rock State Natural Area – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

[wind blows] – RAY SIERRA: Folks are in awe
of the rock, just that something this massive and this
large is out in the middle of the Hill Country. – APRIL HITZFELD: I think that’s
why it became Enchanted Rock. They thought that it was
something different, that it wasn’t something that
should just be out here. It doesn’t matter how many times
you come to the park, it’s never the same thing,
and that’s what I really enjoy about the rock. – RAY: The Native Americans
were inspired by it. They felt that it was
inhabited by spirits. [thunder claps] – APRIL: Mystical, magical,
enchanted– it’s not like your
normal park. [wind] Enchanted Rock is
an outcropping. It is the inside of a
volcano that didn’t erupt. They say that it’s
the heart of Texas. [footsteps on gravel] I think it’s enchanting
because you can rock climb, you can fish, you can hike,
you can camp, and to me that’s what’s
enchanting about the area. The Hill Country’s
a beautiful place. [car passing] Enchanted Rock is located
17 miles north of Fredericksburg and about 25 miles
south of Llano. People can come in and still
get that one-on-one feeling with nature. – RAY: There’s a good amount of
wildlife and plant life within the park for folks
to study. [bird chirping] The middle of the week is the
best time to come out and visit Enchanted Rock and virtually
have the place all to yourself. You’ll see a little bit of
everything, over 60 species of birds,
various reptiles, mammals. The first time out, obviously
you want to make it to the summit, and take in
the view. – APRIL: It’s 425 feet. So, you can see forever. It’s beautiful. But I think the view is
beautiful no matter where you are at the park. – RAY: It is a magical place. They estimate it’s one
billion years old. It’s going to be here long,
long after we’re gone, and of course that’s a good
thing, we want the generations of tomorrow to be able to
enjoy it for years and years.


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