Euphoria 1×08 Inside “And Salt the Earth Behind You” (HD) Zendaya Interview

We’ve become very, very close
over these past
however many months. Because I think you have to. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYING) ♪ We didn’t do, like,
a chemistry test or anything. Yeah, that’s the thing,
is like, usually, with that kind of relationship, you do,
like, a reading together. -Right.
-But we didn’t. -Yeah.
-We have chemistry. We got lucky. (CHUCKLES) Well, you’re kinda forced to be
in these really intense in these really intense
situations emotionally. The places
we had to go together… (ZENDAYA CHUCKLES) Before we might’ve been there in, like,
our real-life friendship, Rue and Jules were already
going there. RUE:I’ve never met anyone
in my entire life like Jules.
I think the relationship
goes through, like, a lot of different levels. Rue honestly and immediately
falls in love with Jules. She just has this want
to just make her happy. And I think
this is the first time that we get to see Rue, like,
genuinely happy about life. There feels like
there’s a little bit of a light at the end
of the tunnel for her. So, I think she goes really hard
really fast, a little faster than maybe, um,
Jules is prepared for. Baby, just… take your time. You’ve come a long way. You’re delicate. I think episode eight
is really special because Rue and Jules
have finally gotten to a place where they’re aware
of their love for each other. ZENDAYA:It’s Rue’s idea
to run away in the first place.
She wants, more than anything,
to be with Jules. There’s nobody on Jules’s level
in her eyes. I think she’s just repeating
and thinking about all the trauma she’s already
kind of caused her family. In that split moment, she just thinks about
her mom and her little sister, which is, like, something that
we’ve never really seen her do.We love them togetherand we want them
to finally be together.
And they have this moment
where it’s like, “Oh my gosh, they finally are in love,
and they can run off together,” and then everything just
comes crashing down. Even though their last moment,
it didn’t follow through, their love still exists. -We hope they make it.
-(BOTH LAUGH) Our cast has gotten very close
with each other because if they’re not
like literally naked
in front of each other, they’ve had to be
emotionally naked
in front of each other. She’s seen me in every form. The worst, the best. -Vice versa.
-And vice versa. So, it’s like
there’s no judgment… -We don’t have to hide anything.
-It’s all love, nothing to hide. I feel like I’ve got, like,
a new sister. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪


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