Euphoria Finale Ending Explained: And Salt the Earth Behind You

Euphoria ended in a weird way, well in a musical
number to be exact. It’s not really an ending ending in a classic
sense, but it does fit in with a major theme for Rue. Her struggle with substance abuse and realizing
the one person she thought would be her way out would actually end up being very toxic
for her. The musical number in the last 10 minutes
aside, the finale was jam packed with big revelations and story moments, and perfectly
leads into the inevitable upcoming second season of the show. But for now, we’ll have to cope with the
fact that Jules and Rue are no longer a thing. What my take on that musical number is that
it’s essentially a live-action bombastic take and visualization of Rue’s struggles
with both drugs and losing her father. I think the real issue with Rue is that she
was never able to properly cope with and understand not having her dad around, whom she was really
close with. And his presence in the musical number basically
proves that point. But even moreso, the big reveal here was that
throughout the first season Rue wore her dad’s clothes. And that’s yet another huge sign of Rue’s
inability to let go of this tragedy in her life. She’s not willing to accept that her dad
isn’t around anymore. But even more tragically, she can’t admit
or understand it’s perfectly normal and healthy to actually move on. Rue doesn’t want to feel and be happy in
a way because she might feel like she’s betraying her dad. It’s that guilt that’s eating away at
her. And when she finally did think she found happiness
with Rue, that’s when the drugs stopped for her. So where does this leave Jules and Rue? First off, Rue did relapse as we can see. She was 3 months sober so it really sucks
to see her get back to her demons. Then we’re left off with Jules and her strange
behavior. As much as Nate is essentially like the bad
guy on this show, Jules revealed herself to be, well, not one of the good characters. She was easily willing to cheat on Rue, tell
her about it, take her along a relationship that may or may not be exclusive. Clown her for wearing her dad’s clothes,
and then basically leave her. Yes, leaving was Rue’s idea but it was a
crazy idea. And Rue not being able to follow up on it
is two-fold. One she’s not ready yet to let go of her
struggles and pain and move on and find happiness. She still feels she doesn’t deserve to be
happy. But it’s also Rue realizing to herself that
Jules is not good for, like at all. She’s not the reason Rue stopped drugs,
because Jules is going to be the reason why Rue relapses. Jules is obviously going to be a major character
in season 2, she’s still a part of the show. But it’ll be very interesting to see how
this dynamic will play out with Jules basically not in contact with everyone else. Then there’s strange Nate, who might be
one of the more fascinating characters on the series for a few reasons. First off, the guy is a lunatic and has some
serious anger issues that directly stem from his father. The fact that Nate knows who is father really
is, and found this out at an early age could explain why he’s such an asshole all the
time. Him and Maddy are obviously not good for each
other but they want that toxicity. What the future holds for Nate is still up
in the air, but him losing his mind while his dad struggles to even admit to himself
that this all might be his fault was something to behold. With Jules long gone now and Rue completely
in disarray, it’s not yet known what Nate’s end goal might be here. I think a major focus will be his crumbling
relationship with his weird dad. Lastly, a quick wrap up, Cassie got an abortion,
Kat finally decided to be in a relationship with Ethan, and Fez is in deep deep trouble,
which will also be another big focus in season 2. Fez vs Nate, which we didn’t see a lot of
in the finale. Overall, Euphoria had an incredibly impactful
first season and the future for this breakout HBO will only get brighter and brighter.

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