Eva Gutowski & Bretman Rock Try A Ghetto Stiletto Workshop πŸ‘  | Tries It | TRL

– Oh, hey, TRL. It’s is Eva Gutowski. – And Bretman Rock. – And we’re here at IDA in Hollywood, and I’ve invited Bretman to take a dance class with me. – In what? – [Unison] Stilettos. – What’s up, y’all? Apollo Sa’Deek in the house. Y’all ready to take
Ghetto Stiletto tonight? – [Unison] Yes! – Now, you know you can’t
take my class without these. – Oh, my God. – [Apollo] Only six inches and up. That’s all I do. – I’ve never had six inches of anything. – The higher the heel, the closer to God, honey. (upbeat pop music) – Who’s next? – I don’t even run that fast. (laughing) – [Apollo] We go up. Yas! Walk to that beach. Slow it down, ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yes, take it ’round and go. Ha, and five, six, seven. Here we go. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. That’s alright, boo. – [Eva] This is officially ghetto. – [Apollo] This is the Ghetto
Stiletto way, you guys. – Oh, thank God. – You don’t got now support? Get some duct tape. Left, right, and a skip skip skip, exactly. You’re gonna step with the left again. Boom, click. Step to the left. Step back. Take it forward. Boom, click. Ta da da, ta da da. Now, see my head? See, I’m looking, it’s like, “What bitch?” That’s what that is. So, I walk, and I walk, and I what bitch? You coming for me? Like, that’s the energy. Get it? Alright, let’s try it with music. (upbeat pop music) And, five, six, seven, ♪ Miraculous, phenomenal. ♪ ♪ Ha, and I walk, walk. ♪ (singing emotionally) – So, I’m gonna take my
hair outta the braids because I feel like this is a sexy dance, and I’m not a little
girl anymore, you know. – [Apollo] ♪ Miraculous, phenomenal. ♪ Ow, come on honey, hey! Kick, ha! – Bitch, why couldn’t we go
ice skating or something. – I know. (laughing) – Can’t you do like the jiggle that goes like this? Oh, my God, how? – [Apollo] Yes! – And, bitch, we did it! (cheering) – [Apollo] Let me get down there. (laughing) – So, TRL, thanks for joining us on this Ghetto Stiletto class, and, thanks Bretman, for joining me. – Thank you so much for having me. I had so much fun. – Bye
– Eva and Bret out.

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