Everybody Is Scared Of The Black Planet!

The Sun: Hellooo, little ones! Planets of the Solar System: Hey, big brother! Venus: Oh, I feel like today is going to be
the best day of our lives! Neptune: You say this every day. Just drop it. Mars: But there’s nothing wrong with staying
positive in this huge void of infinite space. Saturn: Well, yeah, the void. The system where nothing is going on and the
neighbors are really annoying. And I am stuck here forever. Pluto: Hey! So cool to join the planet gang again. Earth: Did you hear that? Planets of the Solar System: What? Jupiter: I didn’t hear anything. Venus: What are you talking about, blue? Mars: Come on, buddy, what was that? Earth: I dunno, I think I heard something. Just got scared, that’s all. Saturn: Are you doing this again, Jupiter? Did you miss a comet? It’s might have hit our little blue! Venus: Hey, watch out! Earth: Aaaaaa! *bang* *booom* The Sun: What was that? Is everyone okay? Jupiter: It wasn’t my fault. Unknown voice (emerging from the dark): Sure
it wasn’t. It was me! I am here to inflict the pain and suffering
on your precious bluuuuueee. Venus: Are you okay, brother? Earth: I guess so. Hey! Why did you hit me? It hurts. Pluto: Who are you, anyway? Unknown voice: I am Nibiru! I am the cataclysm, the disastrous encounter
between that blue spot and me! The Sun: Who? Venus: I don’t know. Pluto: Never heard about that one before. Mars: Who the hell is that guy?
Saturn: Why did you come and why did you hit our brother? Nibiru: Hahahahahahah! (mad evil laughter)
You don’t know me? You don’t know me?! I am the disaster, the destroyer, the pain! I am the black planet. Earth: Okay. What do I have to do with it? I am not a fan of pain and disasters. Nibiru: Wait, haven’t you really heard about
me? Venus: No
Mars: Not a word. Mercury: Nasa never confirmed you existed. Pluto: Don’t worry, buddy, those people
make mistakes all time. Once, I heard that there was.. Nibiru: Shut it, skidmark. Earth: Hey! Don’t you talk like that here. Nibiru: Why? I will do whatever the hell I want. Got it?! The Sun: Maybe you should leave. This is kind of a peaceful neighborhood. Nibiru: Leave? You can’t make me leave! I want to stay here and inflict pain and suffering. Or maybe have fun after that. Venus: No, we don’t think so. You are mean. Nibiru (suspicious): Is this because I am
mean or black? Planets of the Solar System: Huh? So what if you’re black. Nibiru: I am black and you think I am a bad
company for your precious blue? Earth: Yes! Saturn: No, of course not. Mars: If you want to stay with us, you’ll
have to learn to behave. Jupiter: So what if you’re black. We don’t care about that. Space is black. Nibiru: It doesn’t count. Saturn: Some holes are black. Nibiru: Hm, okay, maybe. The Sun: Look, I am really hot. Venus: Yeah, me too. Jupiter: And I am big! Saturn: And I have a lot of rings. Earth: I have people and liquid water. Pluto: And I am really small. But it doesn’t matter because we all are
different. The only thing that unites us is our Solar
System. Our home. Black or white, big or small, with people
or not, you are welcome here. Nibiru: Hm. Sounds nice. Earth: Yeah, and we can play and have fun
and be nice to each other. But watch out for the black hole, it sucks. Planets of the Solar System: Yeah, welcome
buddy! Can we call you black buddy? Nibiru: No. Planets of the Solar System: Blakcy? Nibiru: No. Planets of the Solar System: Black beauty? Nibiru: No. Call me the planet X! And don’t tell anyone about me. I’ll go bring the rest of my stuff. See you later, pals! Planets of the Solar System: See ya! Earth: He’s weird. Barging into our neighborhood, hitting me
and making his way through the group trying to make friends. Venus: He’s not weird, he’s just one of
a kind. The Sun: Like we all are. Hey, guys! Do you want to watch more videos about the
planet’s life? Tell us what you think in the comments below
and maybe suggest topics for new videos. See ya, and stay smart and sexy!


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