Exploring Rock City on our Way to Chattanooga

– We’re getting the car packed up and headed out for a little vacation time. We are escaping to Chattanooga
for just a couple days. Colin’s third birthday’s coming up and we thought we’d
celebrate somewhere new. So we’re heading off for
just like a two-hour drive, and we’re gonna have some fun out of town. ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ Sandy’s not so sure about this. We’re getting ready to take her to a pet resort for a couple days, and she’s not too thrilled, I don’t think. She knows something’s up. You’re not usually in the
car with all of us, are you? (pop music crescendos) ♪ Ba, ba ba, ba da da da ♪ – [Lucy] Who’s gonna miss Sandy? – [Family] Me!
(Lucy laughs) – She’ll have fun though, she is staying in a creek-side cabin room, I’m not exactly sure,
it’s not really outside, but it’s a creek-side cabin room. I think it’s indoors, but they
make it look like a creek. – [Colin] Hi, Sandy! – I think she even has a TV in her suite. I could be wrong.
– [Maya] She has a TV? – But I think you have
a TV to watch, Sandy. (cheery pop music) – Go faster, daddy, go faster, daddy! – Sandy can smell a dog
shelter from a mile away. (Lucy laughs) – It’s not a shelter, we’re
not leaving her somewhere! (Jason laughs) We’re not leaving her at a
shelter and giving her away! All right, you have fun girly.
– Goodbye forever, Sandy. – We’ll see you later. You have fun. – All right, I’m coming with you! – Come on, Sandy. Whoa! Oh my gosh! She’s excited! – I’m coming! I’m coming! – I’m coming! I’m coming!
– Whoa, whoa! We don’t all have to go to
drop Sandy off, I’ll wait here. Bye, Sandy. (laughs) – I’m coming! – We’ll wait here, Colin. – Me! (cries)
– Oh! (percussive pop music) After two hours of driving and coming up a very
winding mountain road, we are now at Rock City, which
is gonna be our first stop before we get into actual
downtown Chattanooga. And there’s a place up
here, Maya, listen to this, where you can stand up
top of Lookout Mountain, and see seven states below us. Can you believe that? – No. – (laughs) Maya doesn’t
seem too impressed, I think that’s pretty cool, do
you think that’s cool, Addy? – Yeah, I think it’s super cool, like I’ve never seen seven states
on top of a mountain before. So this is gonna be different for me. – What if I think
there’s a cool waterfall? I don’t know, we’ve
never been here before, it’s just a thing we
thought we’d check out on our way in town. Oh, Jason, Rock City’s Fudge Kitchen. – Ooh, first stop! – (laughs) No, sounds good though! (exciting pop music) Okay, I just had a mini heart attack. The kids were playing, there’s
a little firetruck over here, they were playing on the firetruck, and then all of a sudden,
Colin wanders over here, and I walk on, I look, and I scream! And I think about ten people–
– Park ranger came over. – The park ranger
practically came over because he was next to this, this big hole, basically. I don’t know if you can
see it on camera as well, but it is a steep little, like, crevice. And it’s right next to
like this play area, and that freaked me out, so
Colin is now in Jason’s arms. And he’s gonna be either in
his arms or holding his hand for the rest of this walk,
because that was terrifying. – I just asked Colin
if he can hold my hand and he said, “Say no!” – Colin is not always
a fan of holding hands, but he is going to have
to hold hands today, after the start to this little adventure. Do you know where we’re going? – No. – [Lucy] Neither do I. – I don’t recognize this place. (Lucy laughs) (uplifting orchestral music) – We’re headed down to Fairyland
Caverns, and it looks like it’s gonna be a tight,
tight squeeze down here! – I really don’t know if
I can make it down here. If you guys have backpacks on, then I’d take it off and do this. – [Lucy] Take your backpacks
off, it’s a tight squeeze! Whoa! – I can fit through it perfectly. – I know that. Oh gosh, you’d really wanna
take your backpack off for this! Oh my gosh, it’s so small in here. – All right, it is tight! This looks like the
area that Colin kind of was about to fall down! (laughs) Oh wow, it is a tight,
tight squeeze in here! – [Maya] Like look at
mommy there, it’s so tight! – I’m about to the end of this first pass! Oh, it’s kind of wet down here. – Yeah. – There, a river! – Like, it’s so cool with all the water! – [Lucy] Yeah, there’s running water. – I love how cool it is. – [Lucy] It is, it’s like
20 degrees cooler down here. What did you think of that, Colin? – [Jason] He saw a bad boy, I know. – [Lucy] What did you see? – I saw a bad boy! – You saw a bad boy, who was the bad boy? – Over this rock. – [Lucy] Over there?
– [Jason] Down there, yeah. – [Lucy] Was it the gnome? – It was a gnome. – [Lucy] Oh, was that spooky? (laughs) Oh, it’s okay buddy,
we’ll get out, we’ll get out! Whoa, check out these views! – [Maya] Oh my gosh.
– [Jason] This is pretty. – [Lucy] This is gorgeous back here! Addy is considering, she’s been wanting to start her own YouTube channel, and so she’s practicing right now, we haven’t quite agreed to it yet, ’cause I don’t think we have
the time and energy for it, but she’s practicing and
I feel like she looks like a 12-year-old today,
you look so big, Addy. I don’t know how I feel
about this, doesn’t she? – [Jason] Mm-hmm. – Such a big girl, when
did she get so big? I mean she just turned nine years old. But I still feel like
she’s like 12 sometimes. You’re growing up too fast, girl. – I’m only 12 in three years! – [Lucy] Don’t tell me that! (happy guitar music) What do you think’s behind this door? – I don’t know, let’s go figure it out! – [Lucy] Let’s go see! – It’s a path. – [Lucy] A path? Okay, let’s go! Ooh! (upbeat pop music) – [Lucy] Oh, here’s the
view we came out to! (Colin wails excitedly) – [Lucy] And look at the
waterfall over there! – Or you’re gonna see the seven states! – I think we get to the very top, you can see the seven states. – Ooh, okay, let’s get to the very top! – Let’s get there. Ooh, I see why it’s called Rainbow Hall! – [Maya] It’s rainbow! – [Addy] Oh wow, this
is called Rainbow Hall because it’s rainbow!
– [Maya] It’s rainbow! – [Addy] It’s Rainbow Hall, oh wow, I’m turning all the colors! Oh, all this too! – You see that platform
you can walk out to? – Yeah. – You want to go out there with me? – Oh gosh, it doesn’t look like, it doesn’t have anything holding it up. – [Lucy] Do you want to go
out there with me, Addy? – It doesn’t have anything holding it up! – It doesn’t have anything
underneath it holding it up. I don’t know if I’m brave
enough to do it, are you? – Me neither. – [Lucy] No, what about you, Maya? What do you think, Jason? – Nope! – [Lucy] No, you’re not gonna do it? – Nope, I don’t wanna be that statistic. (Lucy laughs) – Oh, you’re doing it! Well, apparently Addy is the
bravest one of the bunch. I used to be brave, I’ve
done like skydiving tandem, and I used to be really adventurous, but now that I have kids, my braveness has like
shot down several notches. (acoustic bass guitar music) – [Lucy] We’re in the
Under-Cliff Passage now, and there is water drippings, I’m trying not to get my camera wet! As I walk through here, looks like it’s opening up right
here, I see some trees. – [Addy] I can’t believe it. – Phew, we made it out! So we’re standing under
this big rock right now, and Addy, what’s up with this rock? – It’s 1,000 tons and it’s balanced. – Right, so we’re under this rock that’s just kind of hanging here,
just balancing above our heads. I’m gonna scoot over here
and get away from a big, 1,000 ton rock being above my head. Now we’re at the Hall
of the Mountain King. We’re still trying to get to the point where we can see seven states, I think we’re getting closer. (family laughs) Are those gnomes spooky, Colin? What do you think of the gnomes? – The gnomes are not liking talking! – They don’t like to talk? Hmm. (calm guitar music) Another tight corridor! We got off track, and somehow
we ended up back at the start, so we’re heading back in
a different direction, we’re trying to get to Lookout Point to see the seven states. These are the parts that freaked me out, this is so low, and it just
drops down there, phew! (happy guitar music) We have a decision to make, do we want to do the Swing-A-Long Bridge or the Stone Bridge? – [Maya] Swing-A-Long! – Swing-A-Long. – [Lucy] Swing-A-Long? What do you think, daddy? – Stone Bridge just sounds safer. (Lucy laughs) – [Maya] Swing-A-Long, I saw people do it. – Stone Bridge does sound safer, Swing-A-Long Bridge sounds
a little bit scary, but– – Oh, I know what we’re on! – We’re on an adventure,
let’s do Swing-A-Long! – It’s a wiggly bridge. – [Lucy] It is? – Yeah, I saw people go up there. – [Jason] I don’t know about this. – [Addy] Oh yeah, I see it! – I’m a little worried! – [Lucy] Here we are, Swing-A-Long Bridge! – [Maya] It actually moves! – [Lucy] Whoa! Just a little steep here! Oh, goodness! Oh, girls, don’t jump, Maya! Phew. – I can’t even look over there. – [Lucy] Don’t even look down! – Just throws your equilibrium off. – All right, we’re almost
across the Swing-A-Long Bridge. Oh, don’t shake it, girls! (cheery percussive music) This is probably where we’re going! I’m guessing that’s the spot
where we can see seven states. I’m curious to know exactly
what seven states they are. Oh, the waterfall’s below us! (exciting electronic music) Okay, here are seven flags, so we can see what seven states we can see from here! So what are they, Addy? We have Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina. That is a lot of states. Colin, what do you see? – Say, “I see seven states.” (Colin babbles) – Well, Rock City was fun,
but now we’re headed to downtown Chattanooga to
check out the place we’re gonna be staying for
the next couple nights! You pumped, Maya? – Yep! And it’s actually not too far, so that’s what I think about it. (relaxing piano music) – [Lucy] What’s it like?
– Cool! This is so cool! – [Lucy] Whoa, check out our abode! – Oh my gosh, look at this! Look at, we actually have a whole kitchen! – [Lucy] This is pretty neat! – There’s two bedrooms, and, ooh! – For whatever reason, most of the hotels were
booked this weekend, so we didn’t have a lot of options, and I found this place called Bode, which has like a living area you can use, a kitchen area, and I think we have two or three bedrooms here, too. So we’re gonna have a lot
of room to stretch out, it’s very basic and very simple, but it’s kind of a fun little atmosphere! – I’ll sleep on the top! – No, I already called the top. – Luckily, we’re here two nights, so you can each have a
night on the top bunk. All right, let’s get settled, kiddos! (triumphant pop music) Tomorrow is Colin’s third birthday, so we’re getting all of
his presents ready for him to open first thing tomorrow morning! (gasps) Are these gonna be for you? – Do you wanna guess what’s inside them? – [Maya] What do you think’s in here? It’s tall.
– The robot! – You’ll have to check
back with our next vlog, where we celebrate Colin’s third birthday, for now, we’ll see you guys later, thanks for watching Tic Tac Toy Family, what do we say, guys? XOXO! (exciting guitar music)

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