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[English subtitles will be shown once the Filipino language is spoken.] I’ll watch it again ’cause it has a lot of abs. Just kidding! That’s my favorite group! Hey! That was really cool. They made a shape. He’s tilted… What is this? Wow… There’s a glass. I thought it was like a clock. I think it is like that. Do you know what a “bias wrecker is?” You don’t know that. What is that? Their outfit there is amazing. The suits are so beautiful. I’m starting to like it from the intro alone. Aren’t you a bit too easy? I guess that’s just how it is. I wish everyone was that handsome up close. So many people already know this group? Hey, only two of them are wearing red. Why? Wait, I’m more attracted to that other color. They ran out of black cloth. “Call My Name” is the title right? I might add this to my playlist already. Are they 7 members? They are 7? Every time they come back they have a different concept. They never run out of ideas. I think almost every K-pop group is like that? That one… What is that? It’s like an “A” an upside down A… Then the other one… Why it looks like an English D. I’m starting to really like it little by little… Give me 3 more replays. …and the color schemes of their clothes… It’s so far… I thought you were talking about the music. The glass already broke. Their vocals there are amazing ’cause every part in that song matches each of the members voices. Even their hair is as synchronized as them. Even hair has choreography? Next time, I’ll try listening to K-pop songs. He looks like a prince right? How would you know if a person looks like a prince? Do you know them, Yen? Are they new? I know them! What group is this? I thought about it… [are they] Momoland? So that was them? She’s like… I like their outfits. Yeah they look beautiful. It’s like… They’re so good at dancing. But almost everyone is… This girl group is very underrated. The old K-pop songs to me aren’t like this. For me, it’s better than the older ones. Like they’re improving? From the beat alone… It’s already different. It’s like… Joker mixed with Harley Quinn. Isn’t Melanie Martinez like that too? Imagine if that was in 3D! She’s been serving looks since a while ago. She’s my bias there. (Talking about Hwasa) What’s her name? That’s what I don’t know – She’s your bias but you don’t even know her name?
– ‘Cause I see their videos… That’s all I see. I haven’t explored them that much. They’re only four? Amazing! True! They’re so cool, and their clothes seem to be that way too. Even their beat. I like the beat they use here versus the common ones we hear in K-pop… Yeah that. Who is that? The one with violet hair. All the songs are bops [so far]! Who is that? There was a kid a while ago, so… I have a new group to explore. Wait, let me just ask. Can you understand anything in the lyrics? Of course none. It’s so aesthetic right? But it seems like it wasn’t supposed to be shown that way. Is this new? Yup! The transitions are so cool! It’s really perfectly timed. It’s so catchy. They’re like young adults that… …They still party hard… But at the same time, they’re growing up. I don’t know. That’s all I’m getting. That was good! Oh… we’re dead. That’s really creepy. I didn’t expect this. It’s like this MV’s expensive right? Okay, my expectations are high for this one. Hold on. I like this more than the other one. I told you they were like Ninja Turtles! What happened to you guys? Halloween’s over. The guy in a crop top’s so cool! But of course, Kai… …Is still like a Christmas present. All of them… Have really great production. That was a bit too much. Whoever thinks of these stuff are so creative. They’re playing chess! These are really the beats these days right? The bass is on max. It does seem that way. Didn’t they have a scene like that in Harry Potter? This scene? Yup there was. They’re so creative everytime they come back. I’m a bit afraid of those things. Wish everyone had abs. He’s really ripped, right? Can you do that? I need some training as they say. It’s like an anime. It’s like that toy/game… It’s like Tekken. It’s like they’re the ones who bring the “hype” to this generation. Like they’re the representatives. Some of their members are at the military. It seems they have less choreo [now]. Maybe just in the MV? I’m just focused on their dance. Those chess pieces were really big. Did you notice? It was so big. Yeah, each piece was really thick See? You notice these stuff, I don’t. ‘Cause I’m looking at the members. Wasn’t he wearing Korea’s military cap? It looks like similar… ’cause there’s a moon. Who’s the guy who looks like a General? (Chanyeol) Their visuals here are so amazing. ‘Cause to me maybe that has something significant to the song’s meaning. The visuals are overflowing, Shoutout to the visuals Shoutout the the choreography of this. Why was he like that? He was really feeling it. I feel like I was left wanting more for this MV. So the message of the song seems to be basically “longing.” He’s looking for that specific person, and he’s saying “don’t go yet.” Give me one more chance. That seems to be the direction of the song. The main focus doesn’t seem to change. Basically the song’s super straightforward. Then it seems like they broke up… I’m not sure if it has a deeper story. ‘Cause the lyrics seem so literal. It seems like there aren’t any metaphors yet… …If that’s really just it… Maybe the girl’s name was used as abbreviations in the MV? ‘Cause it seems to have a [Korean] B, and a D in it. The guy seems to be in a relationship with the girl, and it seems like he did something to hurt that girl. Then the girl decided to let go. The guy realized how much he treasured that girl so this song is all about regret in a sense that he want’s to get the girl back. Those lyrics are where the story of the song plays around. They’re really the ones who composed this. Their leader did. I agree with what she said. I noticed here that in this relationship they’re showing, one can’t seem to move on… Most of you guys know the cycle already. ‘Cause he said… The song is full of regrets. That’s why it’s called “[You] Calling My Name!” It’s like he misses her. There. That line itself. – That’s it. He just misses the girl.
– Some people might relate to this. But it isn’t really apparent in the MV. When you read the lyrics, it’s apparently really sad – It’s really painful.
– But in the MV… He still kept dancing back there. So hip in this sense is “trendy?” I’m not sure since we haven’t finished reading the lyrics, but wasn’t there a multiverse? So maybe that was what’s “hip” in each specific universe? Ah so is this like Instagram? Oh yeah! It’s like they’re talking about fame? But not just with artists/celebrities There was even a president a while ago. Oh yeah! Or maybe each universe has their own definition of what “hip” is? So she’s famous… Hip/trendy I think that’s what it’s about. In the different universes… Even if it’s gross… Since they’re the ones doing it. I feel like the meaning of this song is… It’s like you’re trying your best… You’re already changing who you are/yourself. You’re even pressured [to do such]. But… You can’t please everyone I think they’re making people realize through this song that “You’re enough” or “What you’re doing is enough.” It has a really good meaning. That’s where the person is really focused on… Just chill at some point. If you keep grinding and grinding, you’ll get burned out at some point. Oh, what I said earlier was right! She still want’s to be lively but controlled. She’s trendy. Right? You know those sleep paralysis demon pictures that look like they’re on hovering over you in bed? That does seem to be what they’re indicating here. Every clip seems to show different kinds of demons. ‘Cause they themselves were portraying it. So is this the same case here? Maybe the symbolism of the world in the end credits is himself. It represents his world. It seems like the devil/demon they were portraying was taking over him already. He has no control anymore he’s getting taken over little by little. …that seemed like one side of them was normal, and the other side was like a demon. In the end, he just absorbed that he lost. I feel like this song is about having a toxic person in your life. There are really toxic people. They may be your friend, or your classmate, or whatever. Like you don’t benefit anything from them anymore. It’s like a one-sided thing. Here it’s like he decided to let that person go. He realized that it doesn’t benefit him anymore. So it isn’t bad if I let this person go. Even he might become toxic to that person. That’s when the perspective changed that… It wasn’t another person… That seems to be the gist of it. The first part had really dark lyrics… He was obsessed with that feeling of darkness. Like how he’s really attracted to it even if it’s bad… ‘Cause somehow… …it becomes normalized When you become too comfortable with having darkness, you yourself will be the one looking for darkness. That becomes your world. Yup! Fun fact, the one with me gets scared easily. That’s the thing. Let’s just keep scrolling now. He really gets scared easily. Even more than me. Someone’s hunting him down. It’s like someone’s hunting. It isn’t about a person. It’s about bad habits that keep coming back. It even says here… He’s pushing it away, but he can’t. So what are those things in our lives? ‘Cause in the ending the earth was being consumed by fire… It’s like it symbolizes that they’re really getting eaten up by darkness and destruction. I like EXO. That’s what I thought was most cool. They really looked cool. I guess it’s ’cause they’re EXO. They have this image where they’re super cool/tough. ‘Cause it was so catchy. As we said earlier, their video and how they wear stuff, it would also be fit for a guy. It has a clearer story compared to the other two. But we only understood it at the end. If before, they were just monsters, now they’re demons. Oh yeah, they do have those stories. Since it’s (a) famous person/people doing it. The song I like is Mamamoo The song’s meaning is really beautiful. Not being biased but GOT7 Not being biased but the concept of GOT7 and their outfits were beautiful. The first one. …to the choreographer whoever you are. The MV was really beautiful. There were so much things happening. Like in every scene… …to understand the take of the Art Directors to the lyrics of the song. I also like this songs lyrics… For the song, Obsession. But for the MV, Mamamoo. Just based on how I’ve heard the song. That’s why I liked Obsession, ’cause of the beat. The type of beats nowadays. What’s hyped nowadays is exactly that in Obsession. Song maybe is… The choreography [is something I would learn], and the beat of the song’s really good and fresh I thought you were an EXO fan? Hold on, ’cause my favorite MV is EXO. I feel like it has more hidden meanings and easter eggs. I’ll watch it again. ‘Cause there were a lot of abs in it. Just kidding! No. The MV was really beautiful. As long as my flirty bias is there it’s all good. Just kidding~ I’ll get bashed.


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