Fishing Planet – обновление 3.2.0

Hello everyone dear friends!
I am glad to welcome you on the channel Live Fishing In today’s video I want to talk with you
about update 3.2.0 The main efforts of the developers were directed
to create custom competitions. This means that now we do not have to compete
proposed by the system Now we are competitions – we can create ourselves. There is a new snap. Retractable Leash, Texas
and Carolina snap. These snap will be applied
when fishing with spinning reels, on silicone baits. For this spinning snap
came up with new sinkers – a drop and a bullet. For the same spinning rigs
came up with these – offset hooks. Released several multi-colored tails. An effective complement to such baits
like spinners and wobblers. We are also waiting for a new system of cool
in the waters of North America. Same as in European ponds. And a lot of new research missions,
for almost every body of water. For a snack – several sets
with unique painted rods reels and sports equipment. Now let’s talk about everything about it.
let’s talk in more detail. Let’s start with the competition.
Go to the sports tab, select custom competitions. We see that some players have already created something. We choose ours. You can create by template,
advanced settings can be selected Here in the advanced settings, select the format – each for itself, a team or a duel for example. Privacy – open to all
or password protected. Here is the down payment amount.
Here is the initial prize pool and how the amount will be distributed –
winner, second, third place. Here are some interesting settings. We can choose a pond
which we want to fight Let’s say it will be Lone Star Lake. Choose a level – which can
participate in this competition. We chose a duel –
therefore there will be only two of us. We start ourselves. We indicate the weather. Here we choose who we will catch –
let’s say we will catch green sunflowers. Here you can choose
how our fish will be evaluated. Or by capture – immediately goes off.
Or you need to pick it up – put it in a cage or a cook Competition rules – by weight, by fish,
in length, some more customize as you like best. And the type of snap on which we will catch
these green sunflowers. For example, on krenki, on which
they never peck. Here we configure the permitted equipment. Let’s say that’s it. We create a competition and drove. Now I’ll tell you more
about spinning gear Caroline, Texas, and Leads. What are they like? For Carolina rigs and Texas rigs
fits a bullet-shaped sinker. Here we put offset hooks
and then some kind of silicone. When using a retractable leash
a bullet sinker does not fit. When using a retractable leash
we put a sinker drop, the same offset hook and
some kind of silicone bait. If you look at the description – then Caroline
Snap is more suitable for beginners. Texas snap fit
for catching bass on a worm or crustacean. Leads are great
for predatory fish – catfish, trout, pike or bass. Released several multi-colored tails. An effective complement to such baits
like spinners and wobblers. We don’t have spinners at all – there are spinner bates. Maybe they just meant them. These are the spinnerbates. On which you can install the tail. And wobblers … Not a single wobbler, not a wobbler, not a popper,
neither Jerky nor Volkers No tails can be set. In the store, these tails are marked
like ponytails for turntables. These ponytails can be set
on all kinds of turntables. New bite system. With the introduction of the new bite system
on American ponds. This means that we, at all
these American ponds. All biting graphics,
which we have studied before. They are all now – DO NOT WORK. The new biting system implies and implies
that the fish will peck now at another time. If we could catch bass for example
in any weather – both in the morning and in the evening. And day and night, and here and there.
As soon as we did not catch him. Almost always he pecked. Now with the new bite system
he will not peck like that. Little of. Here on american ponds
now bait has begun to act. In any way, habitats will change. Where we caught unique fish
they probably will not peck. We will have to study again
who and where is pecking now. About research missions
which released the developers. Thank you for this, of course.
Play becomes more interesting. Here we have already completed some missions
from the category of research, what was. Rocky catch for example we performed
and now in our current Rocky’s study in theory
first it should have been. Mainly in the study of new water bodies
added fish to be caught – small things – which usually no one catches. Prizes are relevant. Nothing serious for doing
these missions are not given. So, a set of some lures, attachments, leashes.
All that you can buy in a regular store Well, for example, in the initial stages
Oscillating lure such 7g with a hook 1/0 In the store you can buy for bitcoins, and when
completing this mission – get free. Of course there are no serious rewards
but adds interest, in general, to this game. There is one more thing
to which no one paid attention and it is determined only then
when we arrive at the pond. Rewind immediately towards lunch
so that you can see well. Also not announced anywhere by developers but the work of the coil has changed. If before we clicked once
on the left mouse button and our coil made one whole revolution then now we have it, this revolution does not make. In order for us to make step wiring we must completely ourselves
finish this turn and release the left mouse button in time. That’s all friends!
I hope the video was useful to you. We sorted out all the new items.
that came out in this update. Subscribe to the channel!
Write comments. Good luck to all! Till!


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